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The Carnival Inspiration & Ensenada, Mexico

First of all, I may be biased but  I am in love with cruises.   So maybe my Carnival Inspiration review will be a little more positive, but come on, how can you not be happy on a cruise!

I have never had a bad experience on a cruise, and I would choose to take a cruise every time I vacation.  Maybe it’s the unlimited food, maybe it’s the fact that I had my perfect first kiss on a cruise, maybe it’s because I love being on the ocean.

Who knows.

(I also am looking for my “Jack” to fall in love with me and give me the best cruise ship adventure ever…just without the whole sinking ship part…)

Anyways, I love cruise ships and thoroughly enjoyed every one I have been on.  This cruise was my 6th.

The pool deck

I have been going on cruises with my family since 2005.  We had been wanting to check out a weekend cruise, and this one left from Long Beach, CA, about half an hour from where we live!  I pitched the idea to my grandma about us all going for my mom and aunt’s birthday’s, which are less than a month apart.  Since she is the best grandma ever, she called our travel agent and had it booked last minute for the weekend of my mom’s birthday, February 27 – March 2.  We decided on an all girls trip with my grandma, my mom, my aunt, my little cousin & me!

Carnival is known for being the “party ship.”  There were a lot less people in their 20’s and more bachelorette parties, and people in their 30s & 40s who like to drink like college students.

My mom got hit on more than I did.

Needless to say, the older party people were awesome, and a great time to be around.  I wouldn’t recommend this 3 day Carnival cruise to Mexico for families with young children or older people who don’t like loud partiers.

The policy for bringing alcohol on board is one bottle per adult 21 years and older.  They did not enforce this when we went through security.  I’m not saying we brought more than we were allowed…but I’m not saying we didn’t. 🙂

3 generations taking shots!

The cruise had a fun vibe.  When we got there, we headed straight to the buffet.  People were out on the pool deck socializing and playing corn hole.  I thought the food was great, although I generally think most food is great.  They had freshly made tortilla chips which were my go to snack that weekend.  The dinners were all excellent.  My entire family enjoyed everything.  My favorite meal was the chile relleno, and the chocolate melting cake was to die for.

After dinners, we danced the night away in the club, sang karaoke, played bingo, played in the slot machine tournament, and danced to the 70s, 80s, and 90s live band.  The live band was our favorite.  They were excellent!  They sang all of our favorites, and had outfit changes that matched the style of music they were playing.  There was also a fun mini golf course, and delicious midnight pizza which we made sure to take advantage of!  We only watched one show, the Hasbro game show.  People were chosen from the audience to play life size versions of games like Yahtzee and Operation.  It was okay, just a little lengthy.  We left before it was over.

My mom got a massage in the spa.  The salon services are pricey, but she definitely enjoyed it! I paid about $120 for her for an hour Swedish massage.


As we got off the boat, it was pouring rain.  Luckily, it stopped within a few minutes.  We took a bus into town from the cruise terminal which was $3 each.  We chose to buy tickets to take another bus to La Bufadora.  I would highly recommend visiting that town.  There were so many authentic shops and souvenirs to buy there.


They sold Pina Coladas and the best churros I have ever had!  We walked to La Bufadora, which is a natural cave-like rock that creates a tall “blowhole” that shoots the water and mist up.  It was beautiful and the sound was so powerful.  We were all happy with our decision to visit.  On the way out, we filled our bellies with amazing fish, carne asada, chicken & pork tacos.  I liked the pork tacos best!

IMG_0737La Bufadora

We also chose to go horse back riding through the people we bought the bus pass with.  *We did not buy the bus pass or horseback riding excursion through the cruise line!  We bought everything separately, once we got off the boat!*  It was $20 for an hour of horseback riding on the beach! Best deal ever!  Horseback riding was my favorite part of the weekend.  If you don’t know how to ride a horse, they give the option of staying tied to another horse that is ridden by one of the workers.  The “workers” did not speak English well and were probably all under 18.  Maybe the oldest was 18, but there were 2 younger boy workers and no adults who went on the actual ride with us.  Before we left, they didn’t change the fit of the stirrups, so my feet kept coming out of them during the ride.  They let us do whatever we wanted with the horses! We started out with a peaceful walk along the beach, but by the end we were all going at a full speed gallop!  I have never been on a horse that was going as fast as I went that day.  I had so much fun!  I dropped my phone along the way, and the 18 year old Mexican boy that was with us picked it up and brought it to me which was nice.  My little cousin does not know how to ride a horse very well, so one of the younger boys jumped on with her to help her steer and control the speed.  The boys were all very kind and made sure we had pictures of ourselves.  I would highly recommend the horseback riding trip we took!!

IMG_0754 IMG_0764

This trip took the majority of our day, and we had about a half hour before we had to go back to the boat, but we were tired, so we went back right away.  We waited less than 5 minutes for our bus ride back.

Overall, our weekend aboard the Carnival Inspiration, and in Ensenada, Mexico was incredible.  Every one of us had a great experience, and we are already talking about going back!  Although we did have sea legs for the next few days, it was a reminder of all the fun we had!

Have you been on the same cruise?  I would love to hear your Carnival Inspiration review!

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  1. Thanks for the fun post! I’m going on this exact cruise with my fam soon and just needed and idea of where to put my expectations – looking forward to it now! Clever blog name!

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