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A Weekend in Palm Springs

I got to spend time with my two best friends this weekend in Palm Springs, CA.  I have known my best friend, Aubrey, literally since birth, so it was exciting to celebrate her 21st birthday!

Aubrey & I in 2001

On our drive there, we stopped at In-n-Out & The Cabazon Outlets. There was such a huge selection of stores, ranging from affordable to luxury.  There are stores like Nike, Vans, Volcom, PacSun, Michael Kors… They have it all!  We spent a few hours shopping, and all walked away with something new for a good deal.

The hotel we stayed at was The Westin.  We were all very impressed with our room.  It looked nice, was a good temperature, and was not too small.  About an hour after our arrival, the hotel brought us complimentary chips, salsa and guacamole because we told them we were here celebrating!  The salsa and guacamole were surprisingly very delicious.  Also, they offer free wifi for 7 days on up to 10 devices!! Score!

View from our hotel room
View from our hotel room

For dinner, we decided on Mexican food & tried Las Casuelas.  It was a 15 minute drive from our hotel.  We made a reservation and still had a short wait once we got there.  They have happy hour in the bar Sunday-Friday from 3pm-closing.  We each tried a different flavor of margarita–original, strawberry & raspberry.  They were only $5, and were well worth it!  For dinner, I got the Chicken Cilantro Salad.  It had very tender chicken, and small amount of dressing.  I couldn’t even finish the whole thing!  I would order it again.

Las Casuelas
Las Casuelas

On day 2, we thought about going to a free yoga class the hotel offered… because free yoga.  We decided against it because the class started at 8am, but we were impressed with the hotel offering a free yoga class!

For breakfast we Yelped a breakfast restaurant and decided to try JT’s Diner.  The service was good, and everyone enjoyed their meals.  I tried the build your own omelet with jalapeño turkey sausage, spinach, and avocado.  The quality was really good and the food seemed so fresh!

We went back to the hotel room and spent our day at the pool.  The hotel had two different pools, but once we got to the first one, we were happy there and didn’t even go look at the other pool.  It was not crowded at all which was so nice.  There were plenty options of shaded or sun covered lounge chairs.  The weather was so perfect for a day at the pool!  They had free ice cold water, a big clean pool with basketball hoops, and a jacuzzi. IMG_1148

The cocktails were pricy ($14 each, or $30 for a pitcher that serves 3.)  But when on vacation, you have to go big, right?!  We ordered a pitcher of Sweet Thing (I don’t remember what was in it), but it was nice and very refreshing!


For dinner, we decided to go check out The River. The River is somewhere I always end up when I visit Palm Springs.  They have quite a few restaurants, a few shops, and a movie theatre.  We decided on Michael’s Pizzeria.  I was really surprised at the authenticity of their food.  We tried the pizza, calamari, olives, and meatballs.  They were all delicious.  The calamari might have been the best I have ever had!  After dinner, we went to the movies.

After the movie we went back to the hotel and went to bed.  It wasn’t the craziest 21st birthday weekend, but it was because my best friend, Aubrey, was sick the whole weekend!  It was definitely a bummer, but we still had such a great time!

We didn’t get to experience any night life, so we will make sure to check that out next time! Any suggestions on what else to do over a weekend in Palm Springs, California??

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