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10 Pointers to have the Best Coachella Ever!

I got the amazing opportunity to work at Coachella this year!


From everyone that I’ve talked to, you need to know someone for a job opportunity.  Cause let’s be real, who wouldn’t want a job at coachella?!  It was an amazing weekend and I had so much fun.  The whole “good vibes” thing everyone talks about is so real.  Coachella people are awesome!

Anyways… I’m gonna tell you about some things I learned this weekend & some tips in order to have the best Coachella ever!


1. Don’t lose your ID. Please!  There were sooo many lost IDs.  Yes, you need to get your ID checked every day to buy alcohol in the venue.  Yes, some little punk who isn’t 21 yet will try to use your ID and get it taken away.  They are VERY strict on checking IDs.  Yes, if your ID gets taken away for any reason, you have to file a police report and will not get it back for at least a week.

2. Bring your USB cord. There are so many charging stations inside the venue.  The service sucks in there which drains the battery, plus it takes time and battery juice to get that perfect Coachella selfie!  They have places that you can drop your phone and cord off at for charging (Samsung & H&M tent), or little wooden box charging stations throughout the venue that you can sit by and charge up!

3. Camping area. Anyone can get into the camping area (down the green path).  This is where all the late night fun happens!  They have a dance party every night from 11pm to 1am.  At one, it changes to a silent disco until around 4am!  Headphones are provided!  There are 24 hour showers in lot 10.  There are also dodgeball tournaments and yoga!


4.  Keep that wristband loose! There is nothing anyone can do for you if your wristband gets too tight.  There is no way to loosen it.  It is $40 to get a replacement wristband!

5. Get a Coachella info booklet first thing when you get there Friday!  They should have them at all of the info booths.  They go very quickly!  If you can’t get one at first, try another booth or another time. Also, download the Coachella app for all of the same information.

6. Want free water? Go up to a info booth and convince them that you’re in desperate need of water, or just be a smooth talker.  They’re nice people… It’s worth a try.  You didn’t hear it from me.


7.  Bring an empty water bottle or camelbak to refill at the water stations!  Also, Mio has a booth and they will flavor every bottle of water you get!

8. The new bathrooms! It is always nice to go into a bathroom that isn’t a portapotty! IMG_1727The bathrooms are pretty nice, not amazing, but its a little better.  The line was always long though.  I would suggest going over by where the portapotties are and going alllll the way back. There are air conditioned trailers with bathrooms in them that are nice and there is usually no line!

9.  Market shuttle. There is a shuttle that goes to a grocery store from the campgrounds in cause there’s something you need!  There is also a closer parking lot for electric cars, so if you have one make sure to take advantage of that!

10. Car camping can not leave between 10pm and 2am on Sunday! and you can’t miss Drake.  So, either pack up and move your car on Sunday to a day parking lot before 10pm so you can leave right after the concert is over, or wait until 2am or later!


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2 thoughts on “10 Pointers to have the Best Coachella Ever!

  1. Found you through the Solo Women Travellers group on fb! 🙂 Love this post, I’m so jealous! I want to go to Coachella but I’m from the UK so it’s quite a trek 🙁 Can use some of these tips for festivals here though!
    It’s funny you can’t get free water there! It’s the law here that they have to provide free tap water! 🙂

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