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Camping at Bolsa Chica State Beach

I finally turned 21!! woohooo! For my birthday weekend, I wanted to do the same thing I did for my 16th birthday- camp in Bolsa Chica. IMG_2407

Bolsa Chica is the perfect getaway spot for me.  It’s more of a staycation because it’s about 10 minutes away from my house, so I can still go to my gym in the morning and take care of my dogs myself.  It’s a gorgeous beach right in between Huntington and Seal Beach.  And the best part is that it’s never super crowded.  Even when I have been there in the middle of July, it’s nothing close to what downtown Huntington is like.  So if you like less people on your beach, or more attention on your children from the lifeguards, Bolsa Chica is the place to be! (

In order to camp there, you must have an RV or trailer.  There is no tent camping at this beach.  Also, you must book your spot 6 months in advance. (  It is very difficult to get a spot if you don’t book it right when it goes on sale.  Also, make sure you get a beach front spot.  Instead of being on the highway side of the lot, you will be on the beach/boardwalk side. Those will be sold out first!  You get a parking pass for one car per RV, and you can go in and out of the gates as you please.  After 10pm, the gate closes and you have to get the lock code for the gate from the lot “babysitter.”  There are 2 RVs at the ends of the lot where someone will stay who is in charge of making sure all of the rules are being followed, like everyone is quiet past 10pm and there are no extra cars in the RV spots.

The camp site is in a great location.  It is a do-able bike ride (4.3 miles) from Main Street in Huntington.  We planned to ride bikes downtown, but it was raining! 🙁  Instead, we drove down and had lunch at Aloha Grill because I have always wanted to try one of their famous Rainbows! ( The camp site is even closer to Sunset Beach where there are quite a few restaurants and bars.  One of my favorite places is super close on PCH and Warner, Secret Spot (  They have such good, healthy breakfast and lunch foods.  They also have vegan and vegetarian options!IMG_2357

There are little snack bars all along the boardwalk at the beach.  Most of them are only open in summer though.  Rumor has it that these snack bars are getting bought out and redone a lot nicer, making this area more popular!  It might be harder to reserve a camping spot if this area becomes more well known.

There are bonfire pits in the sand right in front of the camping area which makes for convenient bonfires.  You can also bring a bonfire pit to have a fire right outside of your RV.  I had friends and family come visit us for the evening at our camp site.  If you do not have a state beach parking pass, its is $15 per car.  The day parking pass is only good until 10pm.  We learned this the hard way.  Two of my friends got a parking ticket for $100 because they stayed after 10pm.  You can buy a overnight parking pass which is still $15 to stay past 10pm, but make sure you get the overnight one!!

IMG_2449PS.  I suggest this game of giant beer pong.  We found those red bins at The Dollar Tree!

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