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Memorial Day at Lake Havasu, Arizona

It was my first time going to Lake Havasu!lake havasu

 I’m lucky enough to have an awesome friend who invited me to spend the weekend with her family at the lake!  They have a house super close by where we stayed.  Our first day getting there, we took the big pontoon out on the water.  We parked in the channel which is the main “party area.” There’s tons of boats that line the sides of the lake, with music blasting, drunk people and girls dancing.  I expected only partiers, but there was actually a lot of families.  As long as you find a spot that has other families, it’s not a bad place for families to be!… even though I originally expected that it wouldn’t be a good place for them.

Our first day out on the lake, we parked by all of the party boats.  There were a few children around, but in my opinion they shouldn’t have been over there.  There was a boat that pulled up next to us with a stripper pole on it! lake havasu stripper pole ciaofeliciaWe spent the day drinking and relaxing on the boat. There are a lot of rules that I wouldn’t have known about.  For example, you can’t swim across the channel.  Make sure to find out what the rules are because there are cops everywhere that probably wouldn’t hesitate to give you a ticket!  We walked over to a little liquor store type place along the board walk to get more snacks.  At around 7pm, we left to head back home.  At that time there was a long wait to hook your boat up to your truck.  We waited at the dock for almost an hour, and then headed home.  We stopped at Food City (a grocery store) to get dinner.  I highly recommend getting their fresh BBQ chicken tenders.  We couldn’t get enough of them!shotgun beer ciaofeliciaDay 2 was more of a relaxed day.  We took a cruise around the lake and parked in more of a family oriented area.  We just relaxed and laid on rafts.  The weather that weekend was perfect!  We packed a cooler and had lunch on the boat.  Other people were wake boarding and tubing, but we didn’t have the equipment.  We also went to a big cliff that people were jumping off of, and a few of my friends climbed up and jumped into the lake! lake havasu ciaofelicia

Something I found really cool is that in Havasu, the London Bridge goes over the lake.  It used to be In England over the River Thames, but was dismantled and brought here!  We went right under it!

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted.  We left the lake around 4, so we got out quickly.  We got groceries from Food City again to make dinner, made Tacos, and went to bed early.

On our 3rd and final day, we took the speed boat out!  It was so much fun going fast across the lake!  We docked the boat and had lunch at a restaurant, I don’t know the name of it though.  The food and service was good!  It was a Tuesday afternoon and there was almost no one else in there!  We had to head home that day, so we had to cut it short and leave early. 🙁lake havasu ciaofelicia

Overall, Havasu was an awesome time. It’s a great place to party, and also it can be a fun family vacation.  I would suggest taking a family vacation there on a less busy weekend to help avoid the party scene.  Everyone we met was so fun, and I hope I get the opportunity to visit again soon!

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