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Toledo Bend Lake, Louisiana

This 4th of July was spent in Toledo Bend Lake, Louisiana.  It is around a 2 hour drive north of where my family lives in Louisiana.  lake house signOur family has a house right on the lake!  There are a lot of houses that all have docks into the lake.  Some are family owned, and some are available to rent.  It was really nice to be so close to the house so that we could go in whenever we needed to.  I haven’t been to very many lakes, but Toledo Bend was very quiet.  The houses are all spread out, and there weren’t very many people on the lake!  This meant there was plenty of room for us to take the boat out, water ski, go tubing, and ride jet skis!jet skiing louisiana

The water was a nice temperature, warm but still refreshing.  We all swam in the lake at the dock by our house, and we took the boat to a little beach at the edge of the lake to swim there too.toledo bend lake

I didn’t fish, but other people in our family did.  They caught bass and catfish.  Toldeo Bend Lake was named the #1 bass fishing lake in the country!  We took a 5 minute boat ride across the lake to another family members lake house for dinner.  The drive is 20 minutes if you were to drive there instead of taking the boat across the lake!  They fried the fish for dinner, and we fed around 25 people with it!  toldeo bend lake

It’s not a summer day in Louisiana without a nice thunderstorm, right?!  After dinner, we all sat on the porch and enjoyed listening to the rain.  Since we took the boat across the lake, we had to take it back home!  It was a little scary to ride across the lake with all of the lightning going on, but we made it home safe and sound!  It was a great Independence Day!  God Bless America!toldeo lake storm

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