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I Tinder While Traveling (And Love It!)

Tinder is a popular, worldwide app that lets people who are nearby see your profile and choose based on photos, shared Facebook interests, and a short bio if they are interested in talking to you on the app. If both people “like” each other, they can have a conversation.  It was designed for dating, it’s used commonly for hook ups, and I use Tinder while traveling to meet friends.

The first time I downloaded this app was while I was studying abroad in England. My friends and I just wanted to meet people who were locals, but everywhere we seemed to go had more tourists than anything else. On a train, I noticed a guy next to me using Tinder, and I thought it would be a great idea to use the app to meet locals.river cam

A year later, I have used Tinder to meet 10 guys, and have never had a bad or unsafe experience. **knock on wood** I have met 2 men in England, 2 in California, 3 in Texas, and 3 in Louisiana. I am a firm believer in using Tinder while traveling!  

If I am traveling with family, there are many times that I would be stuck going to bed with everyone else at 10PM every night. I would love to go out and dance, or hang out with people my own age. There are multiple times that I have used Tinder to find people who would meet me at a bar so that I had a friend for the night!

I have also met locals who have shown me around a city I wasn’t super familiar with. I have found awesome restaurants and fun new places to go to.

Here’s a few things that I’ve learned through my Tinder experiences:

Stay safe.

Before I give anyone my phone number, I usually make some sort of joke about safety. I usually say something mentioning a worst possible scenario to let the guy know that I am not letting my guard down, and I know that cation is always necessary when meeting someone you’ve only talked to online.

Especially if I am meeting the person alone for the first time, I give someone close to me the contact info and picture of the person I am about to meet. Just in case something bad were to happen, someone has some information about who I was with.

Even better than that, meet your new Tinder friend along with some friends! You can go on a double date, or just plan something to do with a group.

No matter if you plan to hang out with your Tinder friend alone or with friends, always meet in a public place. I have met guys at a coffee shop, the gym, a bar, a restaurant, and a bowling alley. Just to be safe, make sure you are around plenty of other people.

Last but not least, don’t let him or her pick you up on the first date. I know… We all want to be picked up from home and have every door opened for us, but Tinder people aren’t usually the best for that. I made a mistake of letting a guy pick me up and take me to a party once because I was out of town and didn’t have a car. Huge mistake. Thank God nothing bad happened, but it so easily could have. I expected him to pick me up alone, and as I got in the car, it was full of his friends. Like I said, it easily could have been bad.

Make your intentions clear before you meet.

Whether you’re looking for a foreign husband, a hookup, or a friend, make sure to let people who are interested in meeting up aware of your intentions. A lot of people use Tinder when they travel to find a hookup for the weekend, so keep that in mind if you put “I’m in _______ for the weekend!” in your bio. You never know what people will think. I use Tinder to meet new people, preferably locals, who are willing to meet up and show me around town. Even though I make sure to let everyone know that I am just looking for friends, you do get the occasional guy who keeps talking about going back to his place and hooking up. For me, that’s a red flag and it’s time to head home… without him. I have never had a romantic relationship with anyone from Tinder, but in the one situation that I would have been open to it, he pulled the friend card on me. But hey, if that’s the worst experience I’ve had, I’m a happy camper. Basically, just communicate your intentions and hope your Tinder date will respect that.

I hope what I learned can help you use Tinder to your advantage!  Comment with your best Tinder while traveling story!!

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