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Must See Places in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

I went to Dallas with my step-mom and brother for his baseball tournament. We only stayed for 3 days, so we didn’t have a ton of time to explore the city, but we squeezed in as much as possible! This was my first time in the Dallas/Fort Worth, and I absolutely loved it. I wish we could have stayed longer, and it is definitely a place I plan to go back to! Being the country loving girl that I am, I couldn’t get enough of the constant country music, cowboy hats and boots everywhere you turn, and Bible verses displayed places you would never see them in Orange County! Maybe on my next trip, my future husband will find me…

Here are the places we went in Dallas/Fort Worth that I would definitely recommend visiting on your trip!

  • Texas Rangers Game– The first night we got to Dallas, we took my brother’s whole baseball team to go see the Dallas Rangers major league team play the New York Yankees. We got group tickets, and got seats in the “Cholula Hot Sauce” section. With these seats, we had an unlimited buffet with hot dogs, chicken, nachos, and popcorn. We also had unlimited refills at the soda fountain with souvenir cups! This was all in the air conditioning, which was essential with it being 100 degrees outside! I have been to my fair share of baseball games, and this one was my favorite. We could stay inside and watch the game with a great view, or we could go outside and sit in our actual seats.rangers stadium baseball We stayed inside for the first half until it cooled down outside, and then I sat outside for the rest of the game. I am convinced this is by far the best way to go to a baseball game. Unlimited food and drinks, air conditioning, and a great view of the game… Couldn’t ask for more! (Except free alcohol I guess, but let’s be real). Our tickets were $50 each.rangers stadium baseball snapchat

  • Hawaiian Falls– A water park in Mansfield, about a half hour from Dallas where we spent the first half of one of our days. The park was open at 10:30am and closed at 6pm (check for the daily schedule on their website). It was $29 per person for admission. Getting there right when it opened was a great idea because the later it got, the longer the lines became!… and the hotter the cement got! There are 9 different attractions at the park including water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and a play area for young children. hawaiian waterpark dallasWe only spent 3 hours at the water park because we wanted to rest in the afternoon, but we were able to go on a majority of the slides. I think we would have had fun going on some of the slides again and relaxing in the lazy river for longer, but it was fun either way! The park is small enough to get through a lot of the activities in a short amount of time, but big enough to make a day out of it. There are activities at Hawaiian Falls for people of all ages. We had a group with children less than a year old, 13 year olds, moms, and grandparents. We all had a great time.

    Hint: When you walk in, you will see a birthday party area with shaded tables to the left. The tables without tablecloths are free game, and are available to anyone for free.. first come, first serve.

    Another Hint: You can bring a fully stocked cooler inside the water park for $10. Well they didn’t charge us to bring ours in, but the sign said $10! 🙂

  • Cowboy’s Red River Bar– If you even know a little bit about me, you know about my love for line dancing and two-stepping. I had to find the best place to dance that was going to have real Texas husband material cowboys who could dance, and not full of tourists. For this, I used my handy dandy Tinder app to find someone to ask where I should go (find my Tinder blog post here). The first guy that had “I like to dance” in his bio was my go-to. I messaged him and asked where he liked to dance, and Cowboy’s Red Bar was his favorite. Since I was traveling with only my step-mom and little brother, I was gonna have to go alone… which is fine with me, just not ideal. When Tinder boy found out that I was going alone, he asked if I wanted to meet up… we met there so I had a guaranteed Texas two-step partner. Thursday night was ladies night at the bar, so I got in for free! It is also a 18+ bar. Pretty much the minute I walked in the door, someone asked me to dance! (which almost never happens to me at home). He was a great dancer. IMG_3853Man, I thought I was good at dancing, but the Texans are awesome. I found my Tinder boy right after the first guy stopped dancing with me, and we danced the night away. He was also a great dancer. They had a live band playing all night, and it was all two-stepping and no line dancing. The bar put on a balloon drop with money inside of the balloons, so I walked away with a great night plus $2. The dance floor is a good size, and has a bar in the middle of it. The place got pretty packed, but it wasn’t unbearable. I had a amazing night two-stepping, and I definitely hope to come back to Cowboy’s Red Bar one day!texas longhorn cows

  • Stock Yards– This place was like a playground to me. They have tons of cute little shops that I wanted to buy everything in. I don’t know how I got out without buying a new pair of boots! They have awesome restaurants, and multiple bars that looked like they would be a lot of fun. dallas basement bar stockyardsThere are long horn cows that you can look at or take a picture on. They herd them all down the main street every day at 11:30 & 4:00. They also have a maze that you can go through and they time you. It’s $6 per person, and I had a lot of fun! I finished in 15 minutes, and my brother was done in 21 minutes. dallas stockyards mazeThe Stockyards are all outdoor, so I would recommend going earlier or later to avoid the midday heat.siblings stockyards felicia For dinner we ate at a steakhouse, there are quite a few down there! We ate at Cattlemen’s and it was pretty good. They had fresh rolls which were great, but I didn’t love the food. I got a filet and grilled asparagus, and I didn’t think it was anything special. My family said it was good, and we all finished our food, but I think there’s a better option out there. Something else cool was that you can walk around the street with beer or wine!… Or a wine-arita! It is definitely a place that you can explore for more than one night. I wish I could have spent more time visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards!fort worth stockyards

  • Billy Bob’s– The famous Billy Bob’s. The world’s largest honky tonk. It is located in Fort Worth at the Stock Yards. On the night I was planning to go, I broke my phone and was not about to go out alone without a phone, so I only got to see it from the outside. I have heard great things about it though, and it is definitely a must-see! This is also a place that has two-stepping, but no line dancing. And it’s not a place that you won’t find something to love. They have bull riding, concerts, a dance floor, restaurant, gift shop, and line dance lessons. You can also see the sparkly diamond/disco ball saddle there!

  • Babe’s– If you enjoy some good home cooking, this place is for you (It’s for everyone). First of all, it’s the cutest restaurant on the inside. And ohh my, the food was amazing. You choose your meat– smoked chicken (what I got), fried chicken, country fried steak, or fried catfish. It comes with unlimited salad, biscuits, sweet corn, green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy. $12.99 per person. I’m not kidding, it was some of the best chicken, green beans, corn, and mashed potatoes ever. I would 100% recommend going there. Some of our friends went for lunch 2 days in a row if that says anything.

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