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Why I Love Country Dancing & Where It Has Taken Me!

In 2013, I went to my first country line dancing & two-stepping bar. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was pretty weird. All of these people dancing in sync like they just walked out of a musical. I thought two-stepping looked fun, though. Next thing I knew, two extremely handsome blonde, blue eyed boys asked my friend and I to dance…. uhh, yes please, but instead we told them “we don’t know how.” They agreed to teach us, which brings me to my first reason why I love country dancing:

  1. Anyone can do it! I always say it’s dancing for people who can’t dance. Which was me. Two-stepping is literally walking to a beat. Anyone can do it!IMG_1186

Okay, well maybe the first time isn’t the easiest. Especially when you’re nervous because you’re dancing with the best looking guy in the bar! While we were dancing, he spun me and as I stumbled over my own feet, he blankly stared at me and asked “…do you even know how to spin?!” uhh.. well, I guess not. Sorry you’re cute and I’m awkward and nervous and I’ve never done this before!! Somehow, at the end of the night, my new two-stepping partner, Garrett, asked me if I would be coming back next week and said that he would meet me there again! Literally the only reason that I ever went back, and I’m so thankful I did because I would be a different person if I never found my love of dancing. Well long story short, Garrett and I dated for a little over a week which he soon broke off because “we live too far from each other.” Excuses, excuses. 18 year old me thought that I lost the love of my life, so I decided to fix this by going dancing all the time so I would get really good at spinning, and if I ever danced with this boy again, he would be amazed at my improvement. Turns out that through all of that, I really found the love of my life… dancing. IMG_4376Over the past 3 years, I have spent so many late nights that turned into early mornings full of joy while I dance the night away with some of the best people I have ever met. Which brings me to another reason why I love country line dancing and two-stepping.

  1. The people you meet are so often amazing people. What I love most is how diverse the crowd is. You have the stereotypical God-fearing, Republican, handsome cowboys who are definitely my kind of people, but there are also so many people who come to dance that are of all different backgrounds. Everyone brings something different to the dance floor. I have met some of my closest friends through dancing and have even gained new hobbies through my new friends. One of my favorite dance partners is a promoter for Spikeball! So many of our dancing friends go out and support him when he sets up Spikeball tournaments! I have also gotten job opportunities and gained valuable connections with people I have met at country bars!IMG_8264

  2. The friends that I have made have truly become family. If someone’s car breaks down or they forget to bring their lunch to work, they know they can count on one of us to be there for them! Quite a few people I know that met through dancing have truly become family and have gotten married!

  3. Because we consistently go to the same bars to dance, I often see old friends from high school. It is such a fun way to catch up and I love being able to help beginners learn all of the dances!IMG_0741

Another reason that I love country dancing is it’s intimacy.two step

      1. I would rather two step than grind on a guy any day of the week! Plus, I want to be around the kind of guys who want a girl who can spin instead of a girl who likes to twerk. Two-stepping involves contact that can be very romantic. I think two stepping has just the right amount of intimacy


dancing makes me happiest

Posted by Felicia Broccolo on Thursday, January 15, 2015

If anyone was wondering how my story with Garrett ended, I saw him maybe a year and a half later, and he asked me to dance. I was nervous, but also excited to show him how much I had learned! He was pretty impressed, and eventually he came back and was asking me if I was going dancing all the time. He also wanted me to spend the night… no thanks. He actually just texted me today, almost 3 years later, asking if I was going dancing tonight. They always come back. 😉

My final reason why I love country line dancing and two-stepping is because of the connection I am able to make with people while traveling. I normally dance in Orange County, but I have been to country bars in Nevada, Texas and Louisiana too! It’s such an awesome feeling to get on the dance floor surrounded by people you have never seen in your life and be able to dance with them. I have gone to many of these bars by myself, and every time I met people that I had so much fun with!IMG_0795

Where I Dance

        • Incahoots—Fullerton, CA

          • Where I first learned to dance. Younger crowd. There are a lot of people who go to just hang out and are not the typical country crowd.

        • The Ranch—Anaheim, CA

          • My favorite place to dance at home. It’s very classy and well kept. Great dance lessons.

        • Cowboy Country—Long Beach, CA

          • There is an older crowd, but it is big and has tons of room for dancing! Another one of my preferred places to dance.

        • Big Shots—Lake Forest, CA

          • Not normally a country bar, but they have country nights on Wednesdays & Sundays. Fun crowd and great DJs.IMG_0334

Where I Have Danced

      • Gilley’s—Reno, NV

        • They do a lot of dances differently than what I am used to, but I still had fun.

      • Gilley’s—Las Vegas, NV

        • All of the line dances were very basic and not very many people knew how to dance.

      • Toby Keith’s Bar—Las Vegas, NV

        • Extremely small dance floor with mostly two-stepping.

      • Revolver—Las Vegas, NV

        • My favorite country bar I have been to away from home. After going for 2 nights, I met so many friends, and left feeling like family. They also did a lot of dances that were the same as home.

      • Cowboy’s Red River—Dallas, TX

        • I loved getting to dance in Texas, but they only two-step! Everyone is really good at dancing there!

          Share your favorite place to line dance or two step so I can try it out!

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