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Nashville Best Restaurants According to a Local

I expected Nashville to be a big country place. People wearing cowboy boots and eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Boy was I wrong! It’s very trendy, with a lot of little locally owned coffee shops and restaurants. Which in my opinion are the best kind of restaurants! There was so much awesome food in Nashville, I didn’t have time to be hungry! My friend has lived in Nashville for over 3 years, so I got to go to some of her favorite spots!  Here is what I thought about the places that I got to try:

Burger Up– So apparently there is a burger rivalry in Nashville. Between Burger Up and The Pharmacy. I can’t tell you who definitely has the best burger because I haven’t tried both, but I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed Burger Up. And I can also tell you that Tori likes Burger Up better, and I trust her judgement. The environment is cute and intimate. Everyone sits at tables like picnic tables. We were there for happy hour, so we each ordered a Tennessee mule for $5. The troyathlon burger looked good, which is a veggie quinoa burger that has avocado and jalapeno on it. I thought the patty was really good! I upgraded my fries to truffle fries which were excellent. They have bottles of homemade ketchup and honey mustard on the tables. My whole meal was about $20.IMG_4856

Pinewood Social– We came here just for drinks and dessert with a bunch of friends. Apparently their food is life changing, it’s just too pricy for us poor college students. When you walk in, they have a “living room” area with couches and coffee tables to hang out and get drinks at. That area was full, so we just sat at a regular table. They also have a bowling alley in the back of the restaurant, and a swimming pool outside! Our server was very attentive. I ordered the seasonal sweet potato pie that came topped with roasted marshmallow. Seriously might have been the best pie I’ve ever had. It was thick, sweet, and rich. The piece of pie was so hard to finish, but it was so delicious I couldn’t waste any. I didn’t get anything to drink, but the people who did get a cocktail enjoyed them. It’s definitely a fun place to go hang out. I paid $8 for my slice of pie.IMG_4862

Biscuit Love– There is not much parking, so we had to pay $2 to park in a close by lot. At 11AM there was a line out the door of Biscuit Love, but it moved quickly. We were greeted and given menus at the door to look at while we waited in line. It’s also a cute little place with a homey feeling. Once we sat down after we ordered, our food came in 2 minutes flat. We split an order of bonuts. Bonuts are fried biscuit dough served with lemon mascarpone and blueberry jam.IMG_4880 They were nothing short of amazing. For my main meal, I ordered the southern benny—a biscuit with thinly sliced ham, two fried eggs, and thick sausage gravy. It was so good, the ham was just a little salty. I stuffed myself and finished it all. My meal was $10 and the bonuts were $7.IMG_4882 IMG_4881

Fido Fido is my friend Tori’s favorite restaurant and study spot. And by favorite I mean she is slightly obsessed. And now that I’ve been there I get why! I got to go to Fido twice during my trip—once for breakfast, and once for dinner. They have a full menu, breakfast all day, daily specials, and fresh pastries and cakes. For breakfast, I ordered whole wheat blueberry pancakes and a side of local sausage. The pancakes were delicious. The very very fluffy and had nice fresh blueberries in them. IMG_4972My side of sausage was amazing too. It was homemade and very flavorful. My friend got a mimosa and it was filled all the way to the top of the wine glass, so that’s good to know! For dinner, I got the mediterranean salad with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. The sweet potato was good, just your typical sweet potato served with a side of mild horseradish. I loved my Mediterranean salad that was served with fresh pita bread and a generous helping of hummus! Make at least one meal at Fido a necessity while you’re in Nashville!

Frothy MonkeyFrothy Monkey is a local coffee shop that also serves food. I’m not a coffee person, but I do enjoy tea. The barista was such a nice guy. He helped me pick what kind of tea to get (I got iced lavender), and he made sure to let me know that it was made with love. That always makes it taste better! The tea was delicious and the service made it even better!

Coco’sCoco’s is an authentic Italian restaurant and market about 15 minutes outside town. They have a little market and when you walk in with Italian goodies. It is a little family owned place which I always support! We were served quickly. We all ordered a $5 house wine which was very good. For an appetizer, we ordered Bruchetta and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. For my meal, I ordered a pasta al fresco. It had a white wine sauce over pasta, chicken, artichoke, and dried tomato. It was good except the chicken was pretty dry. Everyone else loved their food though. I would recommend this restaurant, just maybe don’t get chicken. It is reasonably priced, about $10 per plate.IMG_4983

Donut Den- I was really excited to try the Donut Den because I had heard great things about it and I love donuts. It was also named the best donut in Tennessee! IMG_4986I got a cronut (croissant donut), a maple donut, and a blueberry donut hole. The blueberry donut was very good and definitely my favorite. The maple donut was nothing special. And the cronut was good, but not any better than any other cronut I’ve had. I honestly expected a little more out of Dount Den, but I got to eat donuts and I’m not complaining.IMG_4988

One of the best things about dining in Nashville was how acceptable it is to split the check between big parties. Since the city is full of young people, splitting the check is a normal thing and the servers expect that you want it split!

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