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Some of the Best Hidden Spots in Laguna Beach, CA

 I recently went on an adventure day to find some of the best hidden places in Laguna Beach. Here is what I found!

  • Victoria Beach Tower- I have been to Victoria Beach so many times without realizing that this tower was here! When you walk down to Victoria beach, go right. You have to climb on some rocks, and it’s not a hard climb as long as you WEAR SHOES! I didn’t. Big mistake. Keep walking on the rock around the bend and you will see a big pool of water, and then the tower!laguna-beach-tower

  • Thousand Steps Beach Pools- **May be private property** (There used to be a sign that says private property, but I’m not sure if it really is, or they just put the sign up.  I still go anyways.)  Another beach that I have been to that I never realized had these hidden gems! Make sure to wear shoes you are willing to get wet and plan to go at low tide because you will have to walk through some water at a couple points. Also make sure to check the tides and go at low tide.  When you get to the entrance off PCH, you go down the 225 steps that feel like a thousand, and walk to your left. You will enter into a cave that is huge and fun to hang out in. laguna_caveKeep going all the way through. You will pass a small pool but keep going! Once you reach the end of the rocks, you are high up and have to find a place to climb down into the water. laguna_abandoned_poolWe were there at low tide, so it was only ankle deep. You walk across a short stretch of beach, and over a bridge, and you made it! laguna_beach_bridgeThere is a abandoned swimming pool and an abandoned infinity pool. There were only a few other groups of people there, and we were there on a hot Sunday!laguna_beach_infinity_pool

  • Caves- We found this cave because one of my friends has been before and knew how to get there. I wish I would have dropped a pin or paid attention to where we were going because I could never remember how to get back there. It was basically behind some houses, and then you had to scale a little wall. Such a beautiful view, but I can’t help you getting to this one, sorry!laguna_cave

Do you know of any hidden jems in Southern California? I want to about hear them!

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12 thoughts on “Some of the Best Hidden Spots in Laguna Beach, CA

  1. This area is not abandoned. ….in fact it is private property. People like you are causing droves of people to show up and it can actually be very dangerous to get here from 10th St. A guy died trying to get here not too long ago.

    1. Hi Mark! I have heard that it is private property and I have also heard that it isn’t. Anyone can put a sign up, but it’s still the beach. When I said abandoned, I meant that they are not being tended to. The first pool is full of trash and concrete. I know, it was so sad when the guy died there. My friend was actually there when he died. It can be dangerous, but as long as you go at low tide, it has never seemed dangerous to me.

  2. I’m always so amazed by people. The Mark guy. With the shitty attitude. She’s just talking about some cool places to experience. If the beach is off limits, I’m sure by now they would put a little more effort into keeping people out. Get some therapy or something. Manners go a long way.

  3. California coastal commision law states that the ENTIRE coast of california is public property below the median high tide line-in other words, if any of the pools fill up with water from the sea due to the high tides-it must be below high tide line, thus PUBLIC property. Ignore any “private property signs that are BELOW the wet sand! The land ABOVE high tide line is PRIVATE property-such as the staircase and dry rocks above the “secret pools.

  4. BTW, there is NO BRIDGE as shown in the photo-that was photoshop! Instead, you have to jump off the rocks into shallow water (at low tide) then walk along the edge of the beach before you climb up onto the first of the pools (rectangle one…). Google maps will show the pools-and NO BRIDGE!

  5. The cave photo looks like it is the “jim Morrison” cave. It is located in Malibu, but has since (2016) had the entrance sealed shut (cement) as well as the graffiti cleaned off. there are other caves in the area, but none are grafiti-ed like the sealed cave had been. it is no more….

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