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11 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Germany


  1. Carry cash. There were a lot of times that I couldn’t pay with a credit card, like the cover charge at a club, the coat check, and several food places. Some of the bars had a 30 Euro minimum, so unless you’re buying for everyone, bring plenty of cash!
  2. You should pay for a ticket to get on the underground, but you really don’t have to. If you get caught without a ticket, there is a 60 Euro charge. But if you don’t get caught…munich christmas
  3. When you’re eating, your napkin stays on the table. It was weird to not eat with a napkin on my lap, but I kind of enjoyed doing something different than what I’m used to!schnitzel
  4. Also, you eat your french fries with a fork. I had never seen that before. Like, even at McDonalds they eat french fries with a fork.
  5. To find a bathroom, look for signs that say “WC.” It stands for water closet.
  6. If you plan to go to a club, expect to be out all night. The clubs don’t open until 10, but we never went out before midnight. And before you know it, it’s 4:30am! Worth it.IMG_6244
  7. When driving, it is illegal to pass a car on it’s right side. You can get a ticket for it, but their tickets are much cheaper than a ticket in the US.
  8. Know how to say some basic German words. Because it’s polite and what makes you feel more German than speaking German?! Please- bitte (BIT-tuh). Thank you- danke (DAHN-kuh). Excuse me- entschuldigen (ent-SHOOL-de-gen). One beer- ein Bier.flic_flacs
  9. Eltz Castle is a must see. The day we went, the inside wasn’t even open, but just seeing it was stunning!eltz_castle
  10. Go adventure at the longest bridge in Germany- Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay. Bring your walking shoes because we all showed up in heels and there’s about a 30/35 minute walk just to get to the bridge. It was such a beautiful and peaceful place to be though. I would highly recommend it!geigerlay
  11. Make it a priority to go to a “pool place.” That’s what we called them. They’re like a day spa, and some have an indoor water park. I went to 2 in Germany. Galaxy Erding in Munich was my favorite. It is Europe’s biggest water park! They both had indoor and outdoor pools, bars, body exfoliating scrubs, water workout/dance classes, steam rooms, and mini pools that have minerals in them. Galaxy Erding was also very kid friendly, which could be a good or bad thing. They had awesome water slides that had pretty much no lines or supervision. It was my favorite water park I had ever been to! They also had face masks and a lot of food options. It costs about 20 Euros for 2 hours, or 25 Euros for 4 hours.german_spa

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  1. 12. It’s not expected that you tip 10% or more! If the service is good you round up your bill, like from €13.50 to €15. Wait staff are paid decent wages in Europe (unlike the USA).

    13. Germans love fresh bread rolls for breakfast, the main meal is lunch, and most people eat a lighter dinner.

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