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You’re Missing Out on the Best Part of Vegas

You’ve been missing out on the best part of Vegas. It’s not the pools or night clubs that would be your favorite part of your trip if you had known about this place! Valley of Fire State Park. Okay, it’s not exactly right in Vegas, but it’s only about an hour from the strip. It’s the perfect day trip away from all the craziness to reconnect with nature.valley of fire flowers

I really wanted to get there at sunrise, but we ran about 45 minutes late and didn’t make it. It was still really nice to be one of the first people in the park! I went with my grandpa, so I knew it wasn’t going to be an all day adventure, but I wanted to check a few places out.valley of fire road

Even if you aren’t a hiker (or you take your grandpa with you) there is plenty to see! Just the drive through Valley of Fire is stunning. You don’t even need to get out of the car.valley of fire elephant rock

The first spot I wanted to go to was Elephant Rock. There are signs that lead you to a small lot right by the rock. There is a very short walk that includes a little bit of climbing rocks to get there. It is a really cool looking rock and it’s easy to get up there and ride…or do yoga on…the elephant!valley of fire elephant rock

The second place I wanted to make sure to visit was the Fire Wave. Because I haven’t had any luck getting a spot in the lottery to see the Coyote Buttes Wave in Arizona, I was excited to see this wannabe version. To find it, follow the road that the visitor’s center is on. Stay on that road until you reach lot #3 and the trail starts on the other side of the road. It is .6 miles to get there. The walk is sandy and rocky and absolutely gorgeous. When I got to the wave, I was the only one in sight. It was breathtaking to be standing there surrounded by only the beautiful desert.

valley of fire fire wave valley of fire wave

Those were the only 2 places we walked around at. We drove through the rest of the park. There are many trails in the park of varying distances and difficulties. It is perfect for someone who loves to hike and wants to spend all day there, or for your grandpa who wants to spend a couple hours there and then go back home. Either way, don’t forget about the best part of Las Vegas and visit Valley of Fire State Park!i want felicias life

A pretty pin for the city of sins :p

You're Missing Out on the Best Part of Vegas ciaofelicia

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