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Why I Don’t Want to Tell You I’m Traveling…Again

I can’t decide if I love or hate that the first question people ask me is “so when are you leaving again?” As family, friends, and coworkers are making small talk and asking me about my post-graduation plans, I cringe thinking about how I’m going to tell them the least of my plans as possible. Am I over-thinking it or would it be a little weird to say “I’m going to North Carolina the day after I graduate for a week to visit friends. Then I’m going out of town for bachelorette party. The day after I get back from that, I’ll be in Europe for a month visiting 6 countries. I’m coming home for another bachelorette party and to be in 2 weddings. Then leaving for Thailand and India for 6 weeks.  A month after that, I’m going to Arizona and New York… And I’ll probably go somewhere after that”

I would never say that. It just feels wrong and braggy… even though they asked about it. As much as someone tries to act excited for you, I can see right through it. “Are you like…super rich?” “Shouldn’t you be saving money for your future?” “Traveling is so dangerous!” There’s some truth to those things.  The odds of getting killed in a terrorist attack is 1 in 20 million while the odds of dying in a car accident around the corner from my house is 1 in 113.  Looks like that one isn’t gonna stop me!  While there are reasons I shouldn’t travel, I should be chasing my dreams, finding myself, and learning about other people and the world.beach_log_ciaofelicia

It’s pretty often that people say they wish they could afford on vacation. Or they say “where do you get all of that money from?” Well, I often work 15 hour days. And I go straight from the gym to school to 3 different jobs without going home in between. I work my butt off, but I don’t brag about that either. I also choose very carefully what I spend my money on. If a friend wants to go out to lunch, I say that I would rather get a $2 Starbucks tea and go for a walk. I eat pretty much only at home. I have a car that’s 14 years old, and I love buying used clothes. I’m also extremely grateful for my family because I still live at home (so I don’t have to pay rent), I didn’t have to pay for college, and they support my traveling by giving me money or traveling necessities for my birthday and Christmas. I’m very lucky, I know. And I’m doing my best to do what I think is best for me. If you’re a traveler, you know that you don’t have to be rich to travel, you just need to travel smart.

People also don’t get why I’m spending all of my money. They’re right, I probably should be saving for my future home and children, but right now, I need to do what’s important to me. I want to chase one of my dreams of becoming a successful travel blogger. One day I hope to make money by living my dream. Plus I’m a career-confused college student who has no plan for my future besides traveling anyways.potato_chip_rock_ciaofelicia

Last but not least, so many people think traveling is dangerous. My parents don’t like that I choose overnight layovers so I can go explore another city for a night, or to meet up with an old friend I’ve actually only met once before. They don’t like that when I don’t have anything to do in a city where I don’t know anyone, I use my handy dandy Tinder app. Although I haven’t done it yet, I would be okay with hitch hiking. Or staying at a stranger’s house (wait, I’ve actually done that one already). Of course traveling can be dangerous, but I will do my best to be smart about it. And you telling me that you’re going to be worried about me is nice because I know you care, but I also feel guilty about making you feel that way.

The reason I don’t want to tell you that I’m traveling yet again is because I just don’t want your rain all over my parade… I don’t want you to kill my vibe… I don’t want any more haters in the building. Because honestly, I am so stoked on my life. I can not explain to you how much I love and am thankful for my life. And when I tell you about it, you’re probably not going to understand. Unless you’re a fellow traveler… then you totally get me.walking_highway_ciaofelicia

3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want to Tell You I’m Traveling…Again

  1. Yep, I’ve been there. While I may have a few concerns such as those you mentioned, I also relate a lot, because I have a fairly similar experience. I planned on this year being more “responsible” and traveling less (in order to meet my goal of saving X amount of money and limit the days I’m away from work), but that hasn’t exactly played out thus far. Without getting into details (unless you want them), let’s just say I have a lot of stuff planned, and keep adding/hoping to add little things here and there, just because there’s so much cool stuff to do! My travels may be primarily music/event-related rather than simple/traditional traveling (though I’d love to do that too someday—so many places I want to see, especially in the US), but they are travels nonetheless, whether my event is across the country or down the freeway. So I can definitely relate to “Where are you going now?” or “I wish I could be you!” or “You do so much cool stuff!” I’ve had people tell me they love following my posts on social media (and I LOVE posting them—right or wrong, sharing my trip with people via social media, and seeing their responses, is one of the things that I get most excited about while traveling or at events). And the cool thing is, I’ve learned that while I still might want to rethink when and how much I’m away from work, I am able to save the desired amount of money—similar to what you said about how you find your trips—by just managing my spending when I’m at home, or using the breaks between heavy travel periods to save. Kinda like you said, it’s just about being smart. I do think there is something to the idea that we ought to save and prepare now so that we can be settled and secure and have fun later in life, but at the same time, through proper planning, maybe we can have fun now too, even if we do travel more often than most people we know.

  2. Colleen Brooks says:

    Amen sister. One day after graduating from UCLA I moved to Boston, then London, NYC, and South Korea all while traveling as much as I could BUT I made the mistake of sharing and listening to others who crapped all over my choices. Keep moving and taking it all in – we only get one shot….at least in these bodies. Much love and light.

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