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Temecula, CA in 24 Hours

A week before my 22nd birthday, I realized that I had absolutely no plans to celebrate my special day. I thought of a few ideas but ultimately decided that going wine tasting in Temecula would be a great way to celebrate! I was able to book everything I needed in less than a week!winery_friends_ciaofelicia

Where to Stay

  • We stayed at the Marriott Fairfied Inn & Suites. It was a great location. Less than 15 minutes from everywhere we went that weekend. We were able to check in late and get 4 room keys. The room was nice and more spacious than I expected. The room included a pull out couch, stereo, and mini fridge. They also provide breakfast in the morning consisting of fresh waffles, egg, sausage, bagels, and cereal. marriott_ciaofeliciaThe pool and jacuzzi were nice and we had them all to ourselves! There is also a small gym, but we didn’t use it… we’re on vacation! They also let us have a late checkout at 1pm!

Where to Eat

  • E.A.T. Marketplace. I had heard great things about this restaurant so I was so excited to try it. It is a place that health conscious friends and friends on a cheat day will all enjoy. The food is organic and โ€œfarm to table.โ€ They have kombucha on tap, vegan options, and paleo options. I got kombucha, a turkey sandwich, and paleo pancakes. eat_marketplace_ciaofeliciaThe turkey sandwich was good, but I wouldn’t order it again. Everyone loved the pancakes though! I would definitely recommend EAT and I will be back next time I’m in the area!eat_temecula_ciaofelicia

Wine Tasting

  • I did my research and decided that Wilson Creek Winery seemed like a good choice. First of all, the winery is freaking gorgeous. They had live music and everyone was just hanging out and drinking wine. I hope this is what heaven is like. I booked a wine tour for us in advance, but it’s not necessary to book in advance. wilson_creek_ciaofeliciaIt’s $35 for a tour that lasts about an hour, includes 5 wine samples, a wine glass, and 10% off purchases. I LOVED the wine tour. Our tour guide, Mike, was hilarious and made me feel so special on my birthday. I loved 4 out of the 5 wines we tried. wilson_creek_winery_ciaofeliciaThey specialize in sparkling wine, and I wanted to buy a bottle of everything to bring home. After the tour we bought a bottle of wine to split, some cheese and crackers, and enjoyed the beautiful day! If you visit in August when the grapes are ripe, you are able to eat them right off of the vine!winery_grapes_ciaofelicia


  • No birthday celebration is complete without a little partying. And if you know me, you know that all I ever want to do is line dance. One of the reasons I wanted to go to Temecula was to go line dance at Stampede. They have a mechanical bull, pool tables, and the best and biggest dance floor. Also, Stampede is unique because it’s pretty much the only country bar with more guys than girls. There is a military base nearby, so if you love young military boys, this is the place for you! There is a $10 cover, and it is 18+. We had a great time there dancing the night away!

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Temecula ciaofelicia

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