Usually one of my favorite parts about a cruise is meeting other people on the cruise. I had my first kiss with a boy I met on a cruise, I’ve made friends that I still talk to years later, and I’ve met amazing people who I never talked to again. This cruise ended up a little different and I loved it…. Here’s why

  • I wasn’t about the party life – I’m currently on a medication that makes me sunburn extremely easily and I can’t have any alcohol while I’m on it. So no alcohol and no sun translates to no fun. I had a ton of fun, but I just had to limit my alcohol and sun intake. It turned out to be a lot harder to meet other cruisers when I wasn’t at a bar or the pool. I found my way around it by going to the gym everyday where I worked out and then ended up talking to the staff for about 20 minutes. I hung out in the casino and sat at a table with one of the dealers and just talked to him instead of gambling. I went to the buffet and got ice cream after dinner and talked to my dinner server who cleaned the windows until 2:30am after the dining hall closed.  I spent time doing things that the majority of people didn’t and I had a whole different experience than I usually do!  heels-cruise-deck-ciaofelicia
  • To learn about people from all different countries – I love that the staff of a cruise ship has people from so many places. I don’t know about you, but I don’t often get the chance to talk to people who live in places like Sri Lanka, India, Croatia, and Serbia. It was fun to talk to them about traveling because they have taken a huge chance by leaving home to come work on the cruise for at least 6 months. I got to hear a little about what it’s like where they’re from, how they handle being away from their family, and where their favorite place to travel is. I felt connected to them. Even though we were so different, we were very similar.carnival-cruise-ship-ciaofelicia
  • To learn about cruise life – “You know way too much about us” was one of the first things the hairdresser on the cruise said to me when we started talking. Since I was little, I have wanted to work on a cruise so naturally I’m interested in cruise life. My new staff friends told me all about the staff party they threw last night, that after every party everyone goes outside on deck 3, and then they cram as many people as possible into one of the tiny staff cabins. Carnival assigns different departments on the ship to throw parties with themes and the staff likes to go all out. They even use old sheets and have toga parties! I learned that “ship love” is very common and lasts only until the staff member gets transferred to another ship. It must be hard to have a relationship on board because they work 70 hour weeks with no days off! I learned so much about what it’s like to work on a cruise by spending time with the staff and I had such a good time doing so!cruise-life-saver-ciaofelicia
  • Let’s be honest… they’re babes – I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t attracted to some of the male staff that I made friends with. Those accents get me every time. Too bad they will be fired in a second if they have any inappropriate relationship with a guest… Flirting not included 😉