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What They Didn’t Tell You About The Yacht Week


I definitely did my research before The Yacht Week. Here is what I wish I would have known before my trip!

  • Don’t forget seasickness medication– The water isn’t always smooth and hangovers don’t mix with a rocking yacht.yacht_week_watermelon_ciaofelicia

  • Be ready to share everything– The recommended way to split up expenses on yacht week is for everyone to pitch in money at the beginning, and everything is paid for out of that fund. So be prepared to put in more money for food and alcohol than you may be consuming yourself.yacht_week_crew_ciaofelicia

  • You still have a lot more money to spend– After you spend a large amount of money to book your yacht, there are still a lot of expenses once the week starts. Most people eat out once a day, and there are docking fees, water taxi fees, gas for the boat, alcohol and snack money, and a tip for your skipper.kuna_ciaofelicia

  • The walls on the yacht are paper thin– It makes it hard to sleep when people are hooking up or having loud conversations next door.  I can heaaaar you 🙂yacht_week_butts_ciaofelicia

  • There’s nowhere to put your luggage– AKA pack light. You need bathing suits, a few outfits for going out at night, a towel, some floaty toys, and sunscreen.yacht_week_cabin_ciaofelicia

  • You don’t really need boat shoes– So many travel blogs that I read before I went on Yacht Week said that boat shoes were such a good idea, so I bought boat shoes specifically for the trip and took up space in the backpack I was going to be carrying around Europe for a month. Maybe if you’re only coming for yacht week, boat shoes wouldn’t be a bad idea, but you really don’t need them. 90% of people are barefoot all the time. Yeah, maybe they help with grip while you yop (yacht hop) 20 boats away to try and find your friends who actually were on the boat next to you, but they are by no means essential. If I went on the trip again, I wouldn’t bring them.

    photo by Devin Atsatt @dev_the_photogdawg
  • It’s not all young people– There aren’t loads of young 20s who want to use all of their money to hang out on a boat all week in Croatia (I don’t know why, apparently they have better things to spend money on)… anyways. I was surprised at how many older people there were at Yacht Week. We definitely got the “creepy old man” vibe a few times, but hey, creepy old men love Yacht Week too. boats_hoes_ciaofelicia

  • By the time the week is over, you’ll probably be ready for it to be over– After 7 days of showering in bathroom (no like the sink faucet is the shower head and the bathroom walls become the shower walls), I wasn’t too upset about getting back to land. There’s no way to clean clothes or linens, and things get wet, salty, and smelly pretty quick. The floor is always wet and drunk people aren’t the cleanest. At the end of the week, I was just ready to be able to walk around a room without getting water(?) all over my feet, ya know?hvar_croatia_ciaofelicia

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6 thoughts on “What They Didn’t Tell You About The Yacht Week

  1. Hi Felicia! On your comment about age, what would you say is the average age? Are most people in their 20s? How old are the creepy old men, like 30s? 40s? 50s? What about the women?

    1. ciaofelicia says:

      Hi Sara 🙂 Average age was probably late 20s, early 30s. There are a lot of young people but there were also a good amount of people who were in their 30s & 40s. Yeah some of the guys hitting on us were in their late 30s/40s. I just didn’t realize it wasn’t going to be all young people!

  2. Carolina Marques says:

    Helloo, I want to go this year to the ultra route and I find some crew in the page of crew finder that have an agent that is helping them with everythig. How trustworthy it is?

  3. Hey,
    I’m sailing in a few days and we’re doing the Ultra Fest Route.
    Where did you leave your luggage?? I’m not sure what to do as we’re moving on to Greece after Croatia and need more clothing than a few items.

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