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What The Yacht Week is Like if You Don’t Love to Party

tldr; it’s a great time, I would definitely recommend it.

I don’t know what I expected going into The Yacht Week. I guess I thought everyone would get off at each port, go explore the city, and then come back and party on the boat at night. I didn’t realize that pretty much all The Yacht Week is is partying.yacht_week_topless_ciaofelicia

We started the day off by sailing (which was my favorite), and once we got to the port most people started drinking. We probably didn’t go to bed until sunrise, so the little amount of sleep we got wasn’t enough to make everyone want to go out and adventure. Plus, even if you did want to go explore, you probably had to pay a water taxi to take you from the boat to the mainland since we usually didn’t dock right at the city. Also you didn’t have too much time to go out in the afternoon because The Yacht Week has special parties every night that everyone on your yacht went to after we all ate dinner together. white_party_ciaofeliciaBut it is possible to go explore if that’s what you want to do! My friend Kaitlyn and I went out on Hvar and went for a little hike to the highest point on the island. I was so glad we did even though no one else on our boat wanted to. There is still time for exploring and there is nothing you have to be doing, so you can make the week your own.yacht_week_ciaofelicia

I got so lucky. I only knew one person on my yacht, so I was about to be squeezed into a little space with 10 strangers that I might hate. I had no idea what they would be like! Luckily my crew was amazing and I loved (and still love) every one of them. We took a couple of nights off of partying and stayed in to drink wine and play cards, or have a group cuddle and watch a movie on my laptop. wine_relax_yacht_week_ciaofeliciaI don’t think I would have enjoyed the week as much if my crew blasted music at 8am and all started taking breakfast shots like some of the crews did. I’m glad my crew drank our champagne instead of pouring it on each other. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and we now have unforgettable Yacht Week memories, but we weren’t the most wild boat! long_straw_drink_ciaofeliciaYou might not get as lucky as I did, so if you’re planning on going with strangers, make sure your intentions for the week are at least a little similar so you don’t end up waking up to vodka water guns being shot in your face and being showered in champagne for the whole week (who am I kidding, you’ll be covered in champagne anyways).champagne_shower_gun_ciaofelicia

The Yacht Week is a pretty much never ending week of partying… which there is nothing wrong with! The parties were so much fun. I just can’t hang, especially for a week straight. I didn’t know what to expect going into it… so now you know! If you’ve never been, it’s definitely an experience and I would recommend going… even if you don’t love to party.

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5 thoughts on “What The Yacht Week is Like if You Don’t Love to Party

  1. Haha I have so been there! I did The Yacht Week Greece a few years ago and am definitely not a party girl. My eyes were opened but I still had the most amazing week.

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