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How to Hike 3 of Norway’s Famous Hikes in 3 Days

So the only actual reason we went to Norway was to hike.

And guess what?

I would go back again just for those views.

Norway’s hikes are insane!!  

Here’s how to be awesome and do these hikes super fast:

And here is also some lame mistakes we made so that you don’t make them yourself…

We spent a total of 4 days in Norway including flying days and managed to hike all 3 famous hikes that we came to Norway for! 

  • Fly into the Bergen Airport– Our flight got in at 12:30 in the morning, we rented a car, and drove straight to hike #1: Trolltunga. trolltunga_character_ciaofeliciaI did this hike purely on the power of Red Bull and Jesus. It was about a 4 hour drive, and we started the hike at 5:15am. Yes, I’m aware that we’re crazy. I would suggest that you sleep before doing this hike, and stay the night somewhere in Oslo, where Trolltunga is located. The hike gets crowded and a line forms to take a picture, so I’m glad we got a head start and had a little bit of peace and quiet on our hike. Trolltunga was my favorite hike, seriously it is incredibly gorgeous. norway_mud_hike_ciaofeliciaIt is a hard hike though, and since it rained half of the time it was VERY muddy and very slippery. Wear hiking shoes unless you want to end up falling a few times… like I did.trolltunga_ciaofelicia

  • Spend the night in Odda- After Trolltunga, you will be ready for bed. It was so nice to go to our Airbnb in Odda and sleep instead of continuing our journey that night.

  • Hike #2- Preikestolen– This is the easiest hike of the 3. It is not extremely easy, just the shortest and easiest, so we did this hike on day 2. priekstolen_pulpit_ciaofeliciapriekstolen_ciaofeliciaWe didn’t set an alarm, took our time waking up and getting ready, and headed to our Airbnb in Jorpeland near the Preikestolen hike. We got settled in there, and then did the foggy hike. If I were to make this same trip again, I would not stay in Jorpeland. I would have driven again after the hike to an Airbnb in Kjerag, closer to the Kjeragbolten hike. Of course after eating dinner at Jorpeland Kebab & Pizza. The food was amazing and the portions were huge! It also wasn’t expensive.jorpeland_kebab_pizza_ciaofelicia

  • Hike #3- Kjeragbolten– Since we did spend the night in Jorpeland, we got up at 5am to start our drive to Kjeragbolten. It took us over 4 hours to get there. This hike was the hardest one for me. kjeragbolten_sign_ciaofeliciaThe rain really got to me, we were literally the only ones without hiking gear, and I was mentally wiped out. I slipped and fell in the first 5 minutes of the hike. It’s basically climbing huge boulders holding on to a chain so you don’t die. Also there was a group of about 20 of us who went the wrong way and got lost on the hike. So please use a map or go with someone who knows where they’re going. There are multiple trails, so we couldn’t trust just following the “T”s. t_trail_marker_trolltunga_ciaofeliciaOnce we found it, it was of course worth the trek, and on the way back down it got sunny for a little while! (Maybe starting the hikes later in the afternoon would mean they would be less foggy… Check the weather before you hike. Rainy hikes are not ideal.) But the hike really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be when we started.kjeragbolten_ciaofelicia

  • Spend the night in Sand– Or really anywhere in between Kjeragbolten and the airport. If not, you’ll have a looong drive the next day back to the airport! (WARNING: The Songesand ferry that Google Maps will tell you to take only departs once a day, and is about $90. Don’t make the mistake that we did, and try to find your way around that!)

I loved doing these 3 hikes in 3 days! I felt so accomplished. Would you do it?

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