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Everything You Need to Do in New York City!


I’ve been to quite a few places outside of The United States, but somehow have never been to New York! I found a good flight deal and decided it was time to go! I took a solo trip, booked a hostel, and did TONS of research. I’m pretty convinced that I came up with the best list of everything there is to do in NYC and I hope you can use my recommendations on your trip to New York City!

To Do

  • Walk the high line– This was a cool walkway above the streets with pretty views. I would recommend it! It is right by Chelsea Market.nyc_high_line_ciaofelicia
  • Chelsea Market– A cute little area with tons of local eats and other fun things to buy! I didn’t actually buy anything, but I enjoyed walking around there.chelsea_market_nyc_ciaofelicia
  • Top of the Rockefeller– Gorgeous view of the city, and let’s be real here, it’s a great photo spot!!top_of_rock_nyc_ciaofelicia
  • Empire State Building– I heard it’s cool to go after midnight, so that’s what I did! It was cool to see the city at night, but at $32 to go up, it might not be worth it.
  • North River Fish Bar– This was one of my favorite things I did in NYC! It is a free yacht cruise that goes right by the Statue of Liberty. It is free to ride, you’re just supposed to buy food or drinks. It was so much fun and I met some amazing people!statue_of_liberty_boat_ciaofelicia
  • Statue of Liberty– You can view it from a boat like the North River Fish Bar or the Staten Island Ferry. I didn’t go to the actual island with the statue. If you want to go up into Lady Liberty’s crown, you have to book your tickets a few months in advance!
  • Ellis Island– I did not visit, but I think it would be an interesting experience.
  • Brooklyn Bridge/Brooklyn Bridge Park/DUMBO– I really enjoyed walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at night! DUMBO is a place under the bridge where you can take some good photos! The Brooklyn Bridge Park is fun to walk around, or to sit at and eat your Grimaldi’s Pizza!brooklyn_bridge_ciaofelicia_night
  • See a show on Broadway– I would recommend downloading the app TodayTix for discounted tickets! I saw Phantom of the Opera!broadway_opera_nyc_ciaofelicia
  • Governor’s Island– The island is only open in summer. I didn’t make it there, but I have heard great things about it! It is a very cheap ferry ride over and a nice place to spend the day!
  • Gentry Plaza Park– A beautiful place to watch the sunset!gentry_park_nyc_sunset_ciaofelicia
  • 9/11 Memorial– As heavy as it was, I really enjoyed visiting the memorial. Being inside and seeing the missing people posters, crushed fire trucks, and pieces of the building made the tragedy so real. I would definitely recommend going.911_memorial_flowers_ciaofelicia
  • MET Museum– I didn’t make it to this museum, but I’ve heard it’s great!
  • Central Park– I brought some food and had a little picnic in the park! I also visited the castle! It is a beautiful place where you can spend as much or as little time as you’d like!central_park_boat_ciaofelicia
  • Tenement Museum– I’m not the biggest museum person, and I really liked this one! We got to walk through the apartments of immigrants who came to New York and hear some stories of the specific families who lived there! I booked my ticket online in advance.
  • Washington Park– I didn’t make it to this park, but I’ve heard it’s great!
  • Times Square– A must do! I would go late at night on a weekday if possible because otherwise it gets pretty crowded!times-square_slow_shutter_ciaofelicia
  • Museum of Sex– I didn’t get the chance to go, but it sounds interesting.
  • Secret Subway Station (6 train south towards Brooklyn Bridge, take it until the last stop and stay on the train)- I didn’t get a chance to do this, but it seems really cool!
  • Check for monthly events– Google New York City monthly events, and see what unique things there are to do while you’re visiting!

To Eat

  • Beetle House– It’s a Tim Burton themed restaurant! I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • Buvette– Known for their brunch! I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • Jacks Wife Freda– Health food that is so beautiful!pink_jacks_wife_freda_ciaofelicia
  • Black Tap– Known for their amazing milkshakes!!black_tap_milkshake_ciaofelicia
  • Ess-A-Bagel– There will probably be a long line, but I’d go again! Try the signature bagel!ess-a-bagel_nyc_ciaofelicia
  • Joe’s Pizza– I didn’t think it was anything super special.joes_pizza_nyc_ciaofelicia
  • Grimaldi’s Pizza– Really good pizza! But you have to buy the whole thing… I believe in you.grimaldis_pizza_ciaofelicia
  • Shake Shack– I’ve heard it’s amazing, but I’ve also heard it’s overrated! I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!shake_shack_ciaofelicia
  • Serendipity– Known for having good frozen hot chocolate! I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • Magnolia Bakery– Get the banana pudding! So good!magnolia_bakery_nyc_ciaofeliciamagnolia_bakery_banana_ciaofelicia
  • Vincent’s– Italian restaurant that was recommended! I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • 10Below– Fresh ice cream made right in front of you, rolled up and ready for it’s close up!10below roll ice cream ciaofelicia
  • Levain– Literally the best cookie I have ever had in my whole life.levain_cookies_nyc_ciaofelicia

Where to Go Out

  • Le Bain– I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • Refinery Rooftop– I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • Back Room– It’s a speakeasy! I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • Mr. Purple– We got here at 11pm, and there was an hour and a half wait to get in. No thank you.
  • Burbon Street– I didn’t make it here, but plan on trying it next time!
  • Hair of the Dog– We had planned on bar hopping, but this was our first stop and we ended up just staying here until 4am!hair_of_the_dog_ciaofelicia

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