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My Tricks and Tips for Getting Cheap Flights

Okay, how is she able to travel so much?

The question that everyone and their mother asks…

Let me tell you:

Helloooo cheap flights!

Flights can easily be the most expensive part of trips, but the reason I’m able to travel as much as I do is because I get cheap flights!!

I have gotten tickets to Canada for $40 round trip, to New York for $230 round trip, and to South East Asia for $350 round trip! Here are the apps and websites that I use to get all of my flights without breaking the bank!

  • Skyscanner- Skyscanner is my go to for every flight that I book. I use their app and love it!! You can plug in where you want to do and when, and it will show all of the airlines that fly that route, and how the prices compare! It is the best way to see which flight is cheapest. Some of my favorite features are that you can put your destination as “everywhere,” and it will tell you where you can go for the least amount of money! I also love that you can see a calendar of fares so you can see which day you leave and arrive on will be the cheapest!skyscanner_ciaofelicia_cheap_flights


  • Hopper– If you know where you want to go & what day, just plug it in to this app, and it will predict when the best time to buy your flight is to get it for the cheapest price!hopper_ciaofelicia_app_ciaofelicia


  • Secret Flying– I check their Facebook page daily! They post tons of amazing flight deals that seem too good to be true, but I have used them multiple times and everything worked well! A lot of times I look up the flight deals on Secret Flying, but go to SkyScanner to book it!secret_flying_ciaofelicia_cheap_flights

I hope these simple tricks can help you get cheaper flights! Leave a comment if you have any other cheap flight tricks!

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