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A Complete Guide to Santorini, Greece

I got to spend a week in Santorini and had the most amazing time. Here is what I would recommend if you’re planning a trip there!

Know Before You go

  • There are a lot of steps. The whole island of Santorini is on a cliff, which means there is a lot of going uphill and downhill! Make sure that you are able to go up and down steps if you’re planning on visiting.

  • You don’t need a ton of time there. Santorini is a beautiful and relaxing place, but there isn’t a ton to do. I wouldn’t recommend staying more than 4 or 5 days.oia_sunset_ciaofelicia

  • It’s safe. “The Greeks bark, they don’t bite” is what the receptionist at our hostel told us. Seemed to be pretty true too. I got honked at, whistled at, and cat called so many times while I was there, but I never felt unsafe. I even hitch hiked for the first time in Santorini! I was traveling alone and never once felt nervous or in danger.

  • Bring your driver’s license. You’ll need it to rent a scooter or ATV (which you’ll want to do).

  • It’s not all white buildings with blue roofs. I expected the whole island to look like the pictures I’ve seen. I was surprised how few there actually were! I had to go on a hunt to find these 3 buildings to get my typical Santorini pic! (They’re in Oia!)santorini_blue_roofs_caldera_ciaofelicia

Where to Stay

  • Budget- Caveland Hostel– This is where I stayed while in Santorini. The place is adorable, clean, and in a pretty good location (20 min walk to Fira). The staff was really great, the rooms were nice, and they provided free breakfast! I would definitely stay there again.caveland_hostel_santorini_ciaofelicia

  • Average- Villa LuxL– I got to visit a friend who was staying here and we both loved it! The couple that owns it is very kind and helpful, it is a small and private place, and the rooms are so nice! Each room has a mini kitchen and jacuzzi tub. Right outside the rooms, there is a shared pool.luxl_pool_ciaofelicia

  • Splurge- Charisma Suites– I got to visit this hotel and fell in love with it! It’s tucked away in Oia, so it’s quiet and away from all of the crowds. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place with great food and an amazing staff.charisma_santorini_ciaofelicia


How to Get Around

  • Bus- Buses are a great way to get around. It usually costs 1.80 to take the bus, depending on where you’re going. They get pretty crowded coming from Oia though, so you might have to wait a while.

  • ATV/Scooter- Renting an ATV or scooter is the best way to get around the island. It was 25 Euros to get an ATV for 24 hours. It was the fastest and easiest way to get around Santorini, and it was so much fun!santorini_atv_ciaofelicia

  • Taxi- I wouldn’t recommend taking a taxi. I took one from the airport to the beach, a 10 minute drive, and it was 20 Euros.

What to Eat

I’m sure there are a lot of amazing places to eat in Santorini! I love Greek food. Here are a couple places that I ate at that I would highly recommend.

  • The Corner- Breakfast here was amazing. I got a crepe, but everything on the menu looked good! I would have eaten here multiple times on my trip if I had more time!

  • Spiliotica- I ate here to watch the sunset in Imerovigli. It wasn’t as expensive as I would have expected. The view is gorgeous and I loved my food!spiliotica_greek_food_ciaofelicia

  • Greek Tavern “Ladokolla”- I ate here in Fira, and ordered a gyro plate. It was a ton of food for the cost, and it was really delicious!greek_gyro_ciaofelicia

What to Do

  • Hike from Fira to Oia- I loved this hike. It was harder than I expected though! It took me a little over 3 hours, and the view was beautiful.

  • Go to the beach- There are so many different beaches you can go to. I went to the red beach, and the black sand (more like black rock) beach. I just went to walk around because I didn’t really care to lay out, but they were pretty beaches!


  • red_beach_santorini_ciaofelicia

  • Watch the sunset in Oia (and Imerovigli)- Did you even go to Santorini if you didn’t watch the sunset over the caldera?! I watched the sunset in both places and enjoyed both. Oia is the famous place to watch the sunset. It was stunning, but more crowded. Imerovigli was quieter and a great spot as well. In Imerovigli there is a big rock you can hike down to and climb up! That’s where we watched the sunset from.imerovigli_rock_ciaofelicia

  • Wine Tasting- I wish I had the chance to do this while I was in Santorini! There are multiple wineries and it seemed like it would be fun!

  • Hike the Volcano- I took a tour that took us by boat to the volcano and then to the hot springs. I personally didn’t love it and wouldn’t recommend it.santorini_volcano_ciaofelicia

  • Nightlife- Fira has great nightlife! I went out one night and had such a fun time! My favorite bar was called Town Club, but there were so many fun ones to choose from!town_club_bar_santorini_ciaofelicia

Have you been to Santorini? What would you recommend doing?

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