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Thanksgiving, an Indian Wedding & Yoga Pants

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States… but I’m in India. There are a few other girls from yoga school who are American too, so we decided to turn down the school food that we already paid for, and go out to dinner. I put up a sign inviting everyone to come celebrate with us, but didn’t expect many people to come. Once we got to the cafe and discussed that we would be okay if no one came so we could eat the whole pie, it turned out that there were about 20 people from our program that came out to celebrate this holiday with us! The boys even dressed up fancy! I was so happy that everyone cared about this special day for us and wanted to come! It was probably my favorite Thanksgiving ever because I got to share the day with 20 of my newest friends from 15 different countries! The night was so fun, and little did I know the night was going to keep getting better.aelis_cafe_rishikesh_ciaofelicia

As we were having dinner at the cafe, we saw fireworks and a parade go by! There was a wedding right around the corner! Super fun to see. At 9:30pm, the time that our school gates are supposed to be locked, we hurried back to school. Well most people did. I really wanted to go check out this wedding! So I convinced 2 friends, Sara and Demida, to come check it out with me. Heck, I’ve jumped the school fence once, I could do it again. When we got to the wedding, we just stood outside looking in. We couldn’t decide what we should do. I was literally wearing sweatpants and my hair was in a I-did-4-hours-of-yoga-today bun… and I was holding a pan from our pumpkin pie we ate after dinner. Do we walk in? Is that rude? Would we get kicked out? YOLO. I tucked the pie pan in a corner and led us in to the crowd. We walked down the long aisle surrounded by people in chairs and up to the dance floor. As soon as we walked up, a gorgeous girl in a yellow dress pulled me closer and said “come dance!” india_ciaofeliciaAll 4 of us were dancing and she was teaching us some moves! More and more people started dancing with us, and taking photos and videos of all of us dancing! It was so amazing that they welcomed us and were so excited that we were there! After dancing for a little while, the girl we danced with brought us to go get food! We tried an Indian dish that I can’t remember the name of.  It’s like a long oval shell filled with some sweet juice. You have to shove the whole thing in your mouth at once which I wasn’t very good at! Then she introduced us to her parents who are the groom’s siblings, and they asked us to take pictures with her and her family.indian_family_ciaofelicia

We decided to go back to the dance floor where we met more amazing people and kids and we all danced the night away! The kids were such great dancers and we loved learning from them.

The bride finally made the grand entrance. She was beautiful, and her clothes and jewelry were incredible! It took almost 30 minutes for her to walk down the aisle. It seemed more like a staged photo shoot than a wedding! There was professional lighting, and so many photographers. They adjusted both the bride and groom so many times so that they could get the perfect photo. In my opinion, it did not look enjoyable at all. In America, this day is supposed to be all about the couple, but it seemed more like just a ceremony than a celebration for the couple.indian_bride_ciaofelicia

Finally at 11pm, an hour and a half after we were supposed to be back at school, we decided to leave. We said bye to our new friends and thanked them for such an amazing night! On our walk back to school we were expecting to have to jump the fence which none of us were excited about. When we got back, we discovered that it was still open! That just topped the night off. Who would have thought that my favorite Thanksgiving ever would be spent in India, wearing yoga pants, and crashing a wedding?! The best things happen unexpectedly! 🙂

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