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10 Crazy Things That I Experienced in India

For the month that I was in India, my friends and I constantly joked about all of the crazy things we experienced that would never happen at home. They seemed crazy to me, but it is just the reality of everyday life in India… and I loved it! (well most of it, at least)

  • Getting warmly invited to a stranger’s wedding– We thought we’d just causally slip in and watch from the corner. But as soon as we were seen, they grabbed us, danced with us, and introduced us to their whole family! Read more about that wedding here.indian_wedding_ciaofelicia
  • 2 hour ATM lines– Because India decided overnight to make half of their money no longer valid, banks and ATM were insane. Like over 2 hour lines insane.  Didn’t see that one coming!
  • Monkeys stealing food– If your food is in plain sight, it basically doesn’t even belong to you anymore.Monkey_eating_banana_ciaofelicia
  • Cows are like stray dogs– I just want to love them and feed them and take them all home with me!cow_india_ciaofelicia_crazy
  • Getting trampled & having to shove people to hold your place in line– yeah, single file lines aren’t really a thing.
  • Having a line of people waiting to take selfies with us– No matter how many times it happened, I always loved it.indian_kids_ciaofelicia_experience_india
  • Massages– Have you ever had a massage where they ask you to get 100% naked, watch you strip, and then smack your butt to signal that the massage was over? It was quite the experience.
  • Doctor’s Appointments– I went to an Ayurvedic doctor to get checked up on and to experience Eastern doctors. He needed me to take my top off so he could make sure the distance between my belly button and nipples was equal. Apparently it’s important.
  • Seeing people poop– Before I went to India, I was told I would see people pooping on the side of the road! I actually only saw it twice in the month that I was there but yes it happens!
  • Talking about poop– When you’re in India eating street food and things like noodles that were strained in a crate on the ground, you inevitably end up talking about poop. Like all the time. It’s not even a little weird.india_street_food_ciaofelicia

All of the crazy is a big part of what makes it fun! Have you been to India and experienced any crazy things?

Read about my crazy experience at a cacao ceremony!

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10 Crazy Things That I Experienced in India what to expect Indian blog

16 thoughts on “10 Crazy Things That I Experienced in India

  1. Elisa martinez says:

    Weird- fun though lol. I sort of had a vision of getting invited to someones wedding ha. So interested of their celebration.

  2. Those are definitely unexpected things. The massage made me literally laugh out loud. How did you hold your composure? And I wonder what the backstory is with the boob and belly button distance is…I am now very curious!

    1. haha it was definitely funny! I tried to hold in my laugh when it happened but I had to go tell my friends all about the massage right away!! :p . So the things with the boob belly button is that they’re checking to see if the distance is equal because if it’s not, it signals that something is wrong. Depending on which direction it is unaligned, it says different things about your health!

  3. I’ve heard so many stories of people getting randomly invited to weddings… sounds like it might be a ‘thing’ there! Would be an amazing experience though.
    That sounds like the most uncomfortable massage ever! I wouldn’t know what to do… And yes, the distance between your nipples and belly button is definitely important 😛 I wonder what’s the belief behind that.

  4. That 2-hour waitline at an ATM? gaah! I wouldn’t have thought and I wouldn’t have had the patience. We also have stealing monkeys in the Philippines! haha and the massage is just a crazy experience!

  5. OH MY..these are all so crazy and made ma laugh! NO way would I take my top off in India for a doctor, you are brave…lol, the monkey stealing and atm lines oh wow!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. These gave me some laughs! I especially liked the part about the massage. India is definitely next on my bucket list so thanks for all the heads up. These things take you out of your comfort zone but it really adds to a one of a kind experience!

  7. Felicia! you described my last trip to India completely! I just got married last December and had to experience all of the above on top of planning a wedding. Imagine standing in 2 hour lines all day every week for a month so that you can afford to buy some nice wedding shoes haha! I love your blog! 🙂

    1. ahh I love that you went through this too! Wow I couldn’t imagine all of those lines to get wedding things!! But now it’s a good story! 😛 Thanks so much for reading!!

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