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Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On my trip to Vietnam, I wanted to find experiences that involved locals, that I could learn from, and that were specific to the country.

I heard about the Ho Chi Minh Cooking Class and knew it would be the perfect experience that encompassed everything I was looking for. From picking our own ingredients to connecting with amazing people, the cooking class made for a great day and exceeded my expectations.

Our day started off with a pick up at our hostel. We were driven in a van about an hour away to a nice farm that was outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. On arrival, we were served tea and got to chat with the 4 other people in the cooking class. I loved that it was a small group so we got to get to know everyone and make new friends! We were given hats, baskets, and scissors, and were brought out to the farm. The chef brought us around the garden teaching us about all of the fruit, vegetables, and herbs. We learned what to use them for in dishes, as well as how they could be used to cure different sicknesses! After we picked all of the fresh crops we would be using in our class that day, we relaxed and were served fresh fruit!ho_chi_minh_cooking_class_ciaofelicia

In the cooking class, we made 4 dishes. (And ate every last bite so come hungry!!) We were taught to cook in a way that was really helpful for cooking newbies (like me), but also gave more advanced chefs freedom. There were multiple people available to help us, and literally everything we made turned out perfect. It was sooo delicious. Probably better than any of the food I’ve had at a restaurant in Vietnam so far! Here was the menu of what we made!

Dish # 1: Spring Rollsho_chi_minh_cooking_class_spring_rolls_ciaofelicia

Dish #2: BBQ Pork & Saladho_chi_minh_cooking_class_pork_ciaofelicia

Dish #3: Stew Chicken & Riceho_chi_minh_cooking_class_ciaofelicia_chicken

Dish #4: Fried Banana Spring Rollsho_chi_minh_cooking_class_fried_banana_ciaofelicia

I loved this Ho Chi Minh Cooking Class for a lot reasons, but one of them was that we got such an authentic Vietnamese experience. I now feel more confident in what to order when I go out to eat and I know what is in my food.

When our day came to an end, they had a graduation ceremony for us complete with a certificate and all of the recipes of what we had made! Later on that evening, they shared a Facebook album with us of all of the photos they had been taking during our class!

I would recommend the Ho Chi Minh Cooking Class to anyone visiting! I wish I could find a class like this in every city!

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Thank you Ho Chi Minh cooking class for having me! All opinions are my own!

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2 thoughts on “Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  1. OMG this looks amazing!
    I am not much of a foodie but lately I’ve become interested in going to cooking classes when I travel. I have yet to take an organised one but have been in locals’ houses to watch them cook (in Italy and Romania).

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