The island of Nusa Penida is right off of Bali, but no one seems to know of this gem!

It is full of true Indonesian culture, almost untouched by tourism.

The local kids all say hi and get excited when they see you.

The beaches and sights are stunning… and you have them all to yourself.

The other travelers you do see will probably be the same people that you see multiple times a day.

It’s freakin’ gorgeous.

The island of Nusa Penida is a short 35 minute ferry ride from Bali!

There is a beautiful beach with very few people. (Crystal Bay)

A view point with the most beautiful water I have ever seen in my life. (Kelingking Secret Point)Kelingking_secret_point_lookout_nusa_penida_ciaofelicia

A natural infinity pool. (Angel’s Billabong)angels_billabong_nusa_penida_ciaofelicia

And a “broken beach” that doesn’t need any fixing. (Broken Beach)broken_beach_nusa_penida_ciaofelicia

What was so special about Nusa Penida was that it felt we found our own secret island. It wasn’t full of tourists. It has hidden gems that are sure to be the next big thing on social media. No one told you about this magical island off of Bali, but now I have! Go explore Nusa Penida before everyone else does!

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