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3 Week Thailand Itinerary – Including the North and the South

There is so much to see in Thailand, it seemed like we would never have enough time for everything! When I traveled Thailand, these were my favorite places and where I would recommend you to visit! I did this Thailand itinerary in 3 weeks, but could have definitely stayed longer.

Start off your trip in Chiang Mai. (Or Krabi/Phuket and do this itinerary in opposite order.) If you absolutely must fly into Bangkok, or it is a lot cheaper to, do some research and see if you can get a connecting flight to start your journey in either the North (Chiang Mai) or the South (Krabi/Phuket.) The domestic flights are pretty cheap and will save you a lot of travel time!

Here is a timeline of the best way to see Thailand, and my must-do’s in each place!


Chiang Mai (2-4 days)

  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Put your money towards a cause that helps elephants instead of hurting them! You get to feed, play with, and bathe the elephants! Watch my vlog here.elephant_jungle_sanctuary_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep at Sunrise- Sunrises are my jam. Especially when I get to watch one at a gorgeous temple with no one else around!wat_phra_that_doi_suthep_temple_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Sticky Waterfalls- I didn’t get the chance to visit, but I’ve heard they’re great!

  • Digital Nomad Community- I met the most amazing digital nomads in Chiang Mai! If it’s something you’re interested in, attend a meet up while you’re in town!

Chiang Rai (1 day)

  • White Temple- Take the bus to visit the While Temple. It is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve even seen! But we didn’t find much else to do, so I would suggest to just take a day trip from Chiang Mai like we did.white_temple_thailand_ciaofelicia

Pai (3-4 days… or as long as possible!)

  • Spicy Pai- It’s a hostel! And I had to include it because it was one of my favorite ones I stayed at in Thailand. The “good vibes” are real. I just wanted to sit in a hammock in the community tree house all day and talk to the awesome people who were staying there.spicy_pai_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Waterfalls- There are a few different ones in Pai! We went to the Pam-Bok waterfall which was pretty and had very few other people!pam_bok_waterfall_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Land Split- The ultimate budget activity! They grow fresh food on the land and serve you for only donations! Such a fun place to relax and enjoy some cheap, healthy snacks!

  • Pai Canyon at Sunset- The perfect place to enjoy a beautiful Thailand sunset! You can also hike down into the canyon, but we just stayed at the top.pai_canyon_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Hot Springs- We didn’t make it to the hot springs, but I heard they were awesome and I wish we could have gone!

Bangkok (1-2 Days)

  • Unicorn Cafe- Because if you have the opportunity to dress up in a unicorn onesie, cuddle with unicorn stuffed animals, and eat brightly colored sugar… always do it.  Watch the video here!unicorn_cafe_bangkok_ciaofelicia

  • Temples- I really liked Wat Pho. I’ve heard the Grand Palace is incredible, but both times I was in Bangkok, it was closed!

  • Khao San Road- The typical touristy street that everyone hangs out on. Get a bamboo tattoo, eat a scorpion, and enjoy a cheap massage on Khao San Road!

Koh Phangan(3 days)

  • Full Moon Party- Honestly the party was the only reason I came to this island and I planned my entire trip around it. And I had a really awesome time! But that was mostly because I met really awesome people there. If you feel like it’s your scene, then make sure to go to the Full Moon Party! But if you’re not a partier, it’s not a life changing event and you would be okay without going.full_moon_party_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Waterfalls- Like everywhere else in Thailand, rent a scooter and explore! We found some awesome hikes and waterfalls and off the beaten path places that were gorgeous!koh_phangan_thailand_ciaofelicia

Koh Tao (4-5 days)

  • Koh Nang Yuan- One of my favorite places in Thailand! It’s short boat ride from Koh Tao. You’ve seen those gorgeous pictures of everyone at this lookout point! The island is crowded and there’s not much to do besides the lookout, but it’s worth it for that view!ko_nang_yuan_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Scuba Dive with Roctopus- Koh Tao is famous for scuba diving! I went diving for the first time and got certified in Koh Tao. I had the best experience and I spent way less on my certification there than I would have if I had gotten it anywhere else! Read more about my experience scuba diving in Koh Tao here.koh_tao_scuba_diving_roctopus_ciaofelicia

  • Abandoned Resort- There is a nice long hike to an abandoned resort that is very secluded! It was fun exploring the building and then relaxing on a beach with only 2 other people around! Read more about my experience at the abandoned resort here.koh_tao_abandoned_resort_ciaofelicia

  • Hiking- There are plenty of other hikes around Koh Tao to explore too! We were busy diving most of the time, but I would have loved to go see more of the land.

Koh Phi Phi (2 days)

  • Maya Bay at Sunrise- Such a beautiful and “must-see” attraction. But I would highly recommend going at sunrise so that you can actually see the beach and not just all of the people standing in front of you.maya_bay_phi_phi_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Viewpoint Hike- It leads you to the tallest point on the island for an amazing view!phi_phi_thailand_viewpoint_ciaofelicia

  • Boxing Bar- There is so much night life in Phi Phi, but this bar was my favorite! Drunk people box in exchange for free alcohol. It’s seriously so entertaining!

Ao Nang (1-2 days)

  • Ao Nang Beach- Instead of going to the famous Railay Beach, we stayed at Ao Nang beach to save money on another boat ride. I loved hanging out here and watching the sunset!ao_nang_beach_thailand_ciaofelicia

  • Hike Tab Kak-Hang Nak Hill- A challenging but incredibly rewarding hike! The view is amazing… and so is that Insta pic 😉tab_kak_hang_nak_hill_ao_nang_thailand_ciaofelicia

Koh Lanta (2-3 days)

  • If we would have stayed in Thailand any longer, this is where we would have gone. Everyone said it was a really nice island, but we didn’t make it this time!

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3 Week Thailand Itinerary Ciaofelicia

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14 thoughts on “3 Week Thailand Itinerary – Including the North and the South

  1. Thailand looks so heavenly! One of my friends is currently planning a trip there so I will definitely be passing this article along to her.

  2. This is such an awesome guide! I would love to visit Thailand, and after looking through all of your gorgeous pictures, I feel I need to plan a trip NOW. I also love that you went to an elephant sanctuary instead of the traditional tourist areas.

  3. Great guide! I love Thailand. The first place I ever backpacked and then I went back there after university and lived there for a year.
    It’s great to see people now promoting good animal tourism especially in Thailand where it’s known for ‘once in a lifetime’ animal encounters.
    Chiang Mai is amazing, so much to do and I hope one day I can stay there for a long period of time.
    Also totally agree with you about the full moon party, I don’t think it’s all the hype, to be honest! It’s an experience, to say the least, but I certainly wouldn’t bother again.

  4. Tatum Skipper says:

    Um so can I just say that I want to go to Thailand just to go to the Unicorn Cafe!! How freaking adorable. Okay so anyways this looks like the perfect time! I know EVERYONE has been going to Thailand but for good reason. I haven’t heard of anyone not liking it. The sunset with the Gold Temple, the full moon party I have heard all about…I need to make a trip ASAP!

  5. Carly Heyward says:

    Oh man, that itinerary is action packed!! I haven’t gotten to Thailand yet, but I’ve been wanting to. Thanks for including how many days! I’ve especially been seeing that Unicorn cafe pop up!

  6. Wow you covered a lot of ground! I’ve been to Thailand a few times but never made it north of Bangkok and regret not making it a priority – I don’t live in Asia any more and its no longer a quick trip 🙁 I totally agree that Railay is pricier and more crowded so its work a pass unless you have a ton of time and want to just check it out for a day. Also – Koh Lanta has an animal shelter that you can volunteer at for short stints – when I went I was able to take one of the dogs for a the afternoon to go on walks and play at the beach!

  7. I loved Thailand so much! You wrote such a good itinerary, especially recommending the elephant nature park in chiang mai where the elephants aren’t treated cruelly!!

  8. The White Temple is my favourite building ever. I loved this itinerary. I lived in Thailand for 6 months and it still wasn’t enough time to see everything (I was working in Chiang Mai). I need to go back one day!

  9. Your trip looked so much fun and I visited Bangkok last year and still feel I had only seen a hand full of the things I wanted to see. I will definitely keep your initiary in mind for when going back

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