People travel for loads of different reasons. Some people love to relax, whereas others use it as a chance to get active and explore. For some, travel is all about trying new foods and flavors. Indeed, the world has some amazing cuisines which are more than worth the journey.

However, with one in six blaming weight gain on holiday on a lack of willpower, it’s more important than ever to make healthy choices. I’ve picked four destinations I think you’ll love as a proud foodie, highlighting some of the best dishes on offer. Indulge wisely:

Barcelona, Spain

There’s so much more to Spain than tapas and patatas bravas. Traditional Catalan cuisine is best characterized by what’s found in the surrounding areas. The best restaurants will focus on locally-sourced ingredients, including the aromas of the herbs that can be found on the mountains, locally-reared meat and seafood from the Mediterranean. For the best tastes, always go for the freshest ingredients.  spain_food_dinner_ciaofelicia

Tokyo, Japan

As the country with the second most Michelin stars in the country, Japan should be on any foodies must-visit list. It’s not just about sushi and ramen. Tokyo boasts a reputation as a food paradise other cities can only hope to become. A mix of street food, yakitori joints and upmarket restaurants, there’s so much for you to try. It’s just a matter of finding it in the urban jungle that is Tokyo.

tokyo street food

photo by Hajime Nagahata

Lima, Peru

Peruvian restaurants have been popping up all over in recent years. The cuisine has experienced a surge in popularity. That said, as the Stylist points out, it tastes best on its home turf. What should you expect? Well, native ingredients including things like maca root, jumbo corn, aji peppers and yellow potatoes tend to be loaded with big, bold flavors. There’s also a lot of guinea pig, as you would expect.


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Cornwall, UK

Of course you could head to the UK’s capital, London, and try and navigate your way around a whole host of restaurant – some amazing, and others far from. But we recommend heading to the west coast. Not only is Cornwall the home of the must-try Cornish pasty, there’s a growing number of upmarket restaurants popping up.

The region is particularly popular with celebrity chefs. Highlights include Jamie Oliver’s renowned Fifteen, Paul Ainsworth’s Number 6 in Padstow and Ben Tunnicliffe’s new restaurant in Sennen Cove.


What locations have amazed you with their cuisine? Share your experiences with us.


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