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Visiting The Food Show in Auckland

When I heard about The Food Show happening in Auckland, I knew I had to go. It appealed to me because it’s kind of like an all you can eat buffet, but there are so many other amazing aspects of The Food Show Auckland!

  • Samples โ€“ I ate so much at The Food Show that I did not eat anything else for the rest of the day! My game plan in the beginning was to try a sample at every booth, but was soon defeated by a stomach too small. And that’s saying a lot because your girl can eat! We spent 4 hours at The Food Show and still did not visit every booth!love_baking_auckland_food_show_ciaofelicia

  • Something for Everyone- I loved how diverse the booths were! They had everything from health smoothies and vegan ice cream, to beer and chocolate cake. And I enjoyed all of it!whiskey_food_show_auckland_ciaofelicia

  • Items Not Available in Stores- There were some awesome small business there that had great products you would have never known about! I loved purchasing from these booths!auckland_the_food_show_ciaofelicia

  • Cooking Classes and Demonstrations- We got to take a Barilla cooking class! A chef taught us how to make a delicious pasta dish, we got to eat our meal, and take home a gift bag! There were also other cooking demonstrations and lessons throughout the day!

  • Discounted Prices- There were so many great deals, I wanted to buy everything! Since we are able to buy straight from the company, everything was way cheaper! And going to the show on Sunday was great because they reduced prices even lower!auckland_food_show_ciaofelicia

I loved going to The Food Show in Auckland and I definitely plan on going again! It was so fun to sample tons of different foods, shop at discounted prices, and learn a thing or two about cooking! See you next year, Food Show!

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I was given a media pass to attend The Food Show in Auckland, but as always all opinions are my own!

Author: ciaofelicia

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9 thoughts on “Visiting The Food Show in Auckland

  1. Oh man! I’m heading to Auckland in January for a wedding so looks like we won’t make this ๐Ÿ™ But will also keep your other article about Rotorua to plan my itinerary. Food looks amazing! Food shows are the best, you always leave with bags of food and a full tummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I haven’t been to a food show in ages. I need to see if any are happening in Vancouver in the near future and plan on being hungry beforehand! I love cooking demos too.

  3. Aaaaaaaannnnddd now I’m hungry! I’d love to go to a food show – I’ve never been to one but I bet everything tastes so good! Did they have any traditional NZ stuff like a Hangi?

  4. The food looks tasty, especially those chocolate cakes. Reading this post make me wanna go to one in the city I live in now. There are so many of them but I never went. Totally should !

  5. Sampling local foods is a must when I travel, and if I stumbled across a travel show when I was traveling, I would definitely go! This looks to be straight up my alley. The Barilla cooking class sounds amazing – I’d sign up for that for sure. This sounds like a great time!

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