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A Weekend in Sydney, Australia : Everything You Need to Do

I’ve been dreaming about visiting Sydney, Australia for as long as I can remember! The first bucket list I ever wrote as a kid had “go to Australia and pet a kangaroo” on it. So when I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Sydney, I was so excited!

After making a long must-see list, asking all of my friends who have lived there what to do, and finding the best things to do over a weekend in Sydney, here is a list of my favorites!

Where to Stay

Sydney Harbour YHAsydney_harbour_yha_hostel_ciaofelicia

I have been to more than my fair share of hostels, and Sydney Harbour YHA was by far the nicest one I have ever been to! The staff was incredibly friendly, happy to answer the questions that we had about the city, and recommended some unique spots for us to explore. Our room was more like a nice hotel room than a hostel room and we even had a view of the Opera House out of our window! I couldn’t ask for a better view! The hostel held fun events every evening; our favorite was wine and cheese night on the rooftop! Free wine, the sunset, and a view of the city are the best ways to make me happy. I would highly recommend this hostel for a feeling of luxury on a budget! Check out Sydney Harbour YHA here!

What to Do

Sydney Harbor BridgeClimbbridgeclimb_harbour_bridge_climb_sydney_ciaofelicia

One of my favorite things I did during my weekend in Sydney was the BridgeClimb! It was so fun to climb all the way to the top of the famous bridge while listening to stories and history about the city! Our guide was so fun and entertaining, and the view was incredible! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I loved every minute of it! The climb is not fast paced and is suitable for people of any fitness level.  Book your climb here!

Breakfast with Koalasbreakfast_with_koalas_sydney_ciaofelicia

A cross off my bucket list! Not only did we get to eat breakfast right next to the cuddliest koalas you’ve ever seen, we got to feed kangaroos, and go on a private tour of the zoo before it opened to the public! I loved spending my morning learning more about the animals. It was also amazing to hear how much they do to protect them, make sure that they are happy, and provide an environment that is very similar to the wild!

Walk from Bondi to Coogee (or Bronte)bondi_beach_walk_sydney_ciaofelicia

It’s not a trip to Sydney without visiting the famous Bondi Beach! Instead of drowning in the sea of tourists, we walked along the coastline. It is a 6k walk to Coogee, so we only walked to Bronte which is a 2.5k walk. There were still gorgeous views in every direction and I am so glad we did it!

Walk Around & Picnic at Manly Beachmanly_beach_walk_sydney_ciaofelicia

This was my favorite walk that we did! We headed toward the Spit Bridge, which is a 10k walk, but turned around about half way. The ferry ride from Sydney Harbour to Manly provided amazing views, and the walk toward Spit was so nice. I loved that there were barely any people on the path, and seemingly no tourists. As we walked, we saw a few groups of people having a picnic along the beach. Although we weren’t prepared, I would have loved to stop for a picnic and watch the sunset!

The Rocks Markets and Museum

The Rocks were right where we were staying, so our first stop was the Rocks Museum to learn a little about the history of Sydney. At The Rocks on Saturdays and Sundays, there are great markets from 10am-5pm! Make sure to check those out!

Explore Darling Harbour

A great place to walk around and explore, especially in the evening!

Walk through Hyde Park and the Botanical Gardens

Another fun walk that is short and beautiful!

Where to Eat

Opera Baropera_house_bar_sydney_ciaofelicia

I thought that a restaurant right in front of the Opera House would be pricy and have low quality food, but the Opera Bar was our favorite meal of the trip! The food and views are unbeatable!

Choc Potthe_choc_pot_dessert_sydney_ciaofelicia

I’m always on the hunt for a good dessert! The Choc Pot was our favorite. We both got dessert waffles. Yum!

Blu Bar on 36blu_bar_on_36_sydney_rooftop_ciaofelicia

On the 36th floor of Shangri-La, Blu Bar is such a treat. We splurged for a cocktail here made by the awesome bartender, Jono. The drinks were great and the view up there was even better!

These were our favorite places that we visiting during our weekend in Sydney, Australia! There are so many amazing things to see, and I’m sure there are even more hidden gems that we didn’t get to see!

Where is your favorite spot in Sydney?

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Author: ciaofelicia

Hi! I’m Felicia. I am a 23 year old traveler originally from Huntington Beach, CA and currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton in May 2016. After graduation, I didn't have a "dream career" in mind, so I followed my heart and have been finding ways to make money as I travel the world ever since! I plan to travel and learn more about the world than I ever did in school. Traveling is a passion of mine. I love seeing the beauty of our world through architecture, nature, and people. I love connecting with people without being able to speak the same language. I love being in an unfamiliar place alone and stepping outside of my comfort zone. But I don’t know what I want to do yet. I plan to travel the world for as long as possible instead of "adulting." Until I figure it out, will you go on this adventure with me?

10 thoughts on “A Weekend in Sydney, Australia : Everything You Need to Do

  1. Oh, this is wonderful. I was in Sydney back in April and did similar things as you have. It’s truly a very pretty city to relax and explore. Thank you for taking me down memory lane!

  2. Oh my goodness! Australia is one of the places on my bucket list. I’m not going to make it there during my current travels so i’ve been thinking about doing a working holiday visa there… andddd i think you just sold me!!! Kangaroos and koala breakfast?!?! Kill me with cuteness nowwww! 🙂 And ummm, a chocolate restaurant… I’d loose way to much money there hahaha

  3. I love Sydney and I also went to the Opera Bar when I was there in February. I would love to do the bridge climb, but have been too scared! Also, I would like to go to the zoo you went too!

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