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Visiting Taupo and The Tongariro Crossing in a Weekend

Doing the Tongariro Crossing was high on my list of must-do’s in New Zealand. Since I was making the trip from Auckland, I decided that I needed to see as much as possible on my weekend trip! Visiting Taupo and The Tongariro Crossing in a weekend was a great idea and made for a perfect weekend getaway!

Where to Stay

Finlay Jacks– I love to feel like I’m traveling in luxury even when I’m on a backpackers budget. Finaly Jacks in Taupo is the perfect hostel that will make you forget you can’t afford anything more than budget accommodation. We arrived around 11:30pm after our drive from Auckland, and they had our room all set up and ready for us. It was so convenient to not have to worry about checking in late and night.

And guess what!! We found out that our room had a tv with free Netflix! I don’t know about you, but after a long day of traveling, having a comfy bed and Netflix is the dream. Yes, I said comfy bed. A hostel with a really comfy bed?! Only at Finlay Jacks!

The rest of our experience at the hostel was great. Very friendly staff, everything was so clean, and there was a nice atmosphere all around.finlay_jacks_taupo_hostel_ciaofelicia

I would highly recommend staying at Finlay Jacks in Taupo. I would love to stay there again!

If hostels aren’t your jam, I highly recommend staying at an Airbnb!

CiaoFelicia Blog Airbnb Credit

What to Know Before You Do the Tongariro Crossing

  • Make sure to book a shuttle! We booked this one which was a shuttle before the walk so that we had our car right at the finish and didn’t need to wait for a shuttle to pick us up at the end. Best idea ever.

  • Bring clothes for all types of weather. We experienced hot sunshine, freezing wind, and rain. Be prepared for anything because the weather at the top is a lot different from the weather at the bottom!

  • Bring toilet paper. There are toilets all along the walk, but bring your own TP!

  • Water and snacks! You have to carry all of the water you will need there with you and a long walk isn’t complete without yummy snacks!

  • You can do it! It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It only took us 5 hours and 15 minutes to complete the Tongariro Crossing!tongariro_crossing_ciaofelicia

What to Do in Taupo

  • Taupo Spa Park Hot Spring- There isn’t much better than a nice hot spring after a long walk! The Spa Park is a free area of the lake that is naturally hot! We loved relaxing here for the afternoon.taupo_spa_park_hot_spring_ciaofelicia

  • Huka Falls- Because I have to see a waterfall at every possible chance! It is right off the road and very easily accessible. The color of the water is gorgeous!huka_falls_taupo_ciaofelicia

Those were the highlights of our weekend in Taupo and The Tongariro Crossing! Have you been?

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