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The Ultimate Auckland to Northland, New Zealand Road Trip

If you’re living in or visiting Auckland, doing a road trip from Auckland to Northland is a must do!

There are so many beautiful stops to make along the way!

But can you do all of them?!  We couldn’t squeeze them all in on our 4 day trip, but we made our best effort and had activity filled days everyday!

And I will be going back to see what I missed the first time!

Here is the perfect Auckland to Northland road trip itinerary, put together by many recommendations from friends:

Piroa Falls – The perfect first stop on your road trip.  A short 5 minute walk from the road, and there was no one else there! Score!


Waipu Caves–  A free cave to explore and find glow worms!

Whangarei – A nice place to stop for lunch with lots of great options.  Try Suk Jai Thai!

Whangarei Falls – A very popular, but amazing, waterfall.whangarei_falls_ciaofelicia

Mt Manaia– A 2 hour walking track to the top of the mount for stunning views of the harbor.  Be prepared for lots of stairs!mt_manaia_ciaofelicia

Te Whara Track– A 5-6 hour coastal walk.

Mermaid Pools– Beautiful ocean side rock pools!mermaid_pools_matapouri_nz_ciaofelicia

Poor Knights Island– It’s the BEST place for snorkeling and diving! Read all about it here.  dive_tutukaka_poor_knights_islands_ciaofelicia

Paihia – A cute little city and a perfect place to spend the night on your road trip.  We stayed at the Airbnb’s all along our journey that were in such nice locations and were hosted by the best people.CiaoFelicia Blog Airbnb Credit

Opua Forest Paihi Lookout – “School walkway” – A short 20-25 minute walk through the bush.  The walk is nice, but the view isn’t spectacular.

Haruru Falls– A little waterfall right off the side of the road.haruru_falls_northland_ciaofelicia

Russell – Part of the Bay of Islands that is a short ferry ride away!

Flagstaff Hill – Love a good lookout!

Duke of Marlborough – A restaurant recommended by many.

Urupukapuka Island– Part of the Bay of Islands.

Kerikeri– A town that we loved spending the day walking around in.

Charlie’s Rock– An easy 10 minute walk to the falls.  And it’s a perfect swimming spot.  There was no one else there either!charlies_rock_kerikeri_ciaofelicia

Cafe Zest & The Waffle Room– Our big dessert splurge!  The waffles were amazing… can you even tell there is a waffle under there?!zest_waffles_kerikeri_ciaofelicia

Makana Confections– Mostly because they have really yummy free samples.

Rainbow Falls– My favorite waterfall of the road trip.  If you’re feelin’ adventurous, climb or swim behind the waterfall for the best view of all!rainbow_falls_kerikeri_ciaofelicia-2

Te Wairere Waterfall/Wairoa Stream Walking Track– More waterfalls!

Churchills Butcher – Not your typical thing to see on a list of recommended places but we loved this place so much, we went 2 days in a row.  It’s very budget friendly and a great way to have amazing food while saving money!

Whangaroa– St. Paul’s Rock, a 30 min walk up to the top for a great view of the harbor!

Karikari Peninsula – The perfect place to stay a night on your way up to Cape Reinga.

Karikari Bay Walk– A beautiful beach walk.

Cape Reinga – The very top of New Zealand!  You can’t miss Cape Reigna.  Yes, everyone else is there too, but the views are gorgeous!cape_reinga_ciaofelicia

Te Paki Sand Dunes– You can rent a board for $15, climb the huge sand hills, and speed back down them.  SO much fun!te_paki_sand_dunes_northland_ciaofelicia

90 Mile Beach – Make a pitstop to check out this long stretch of beach, and you can even drive on it if you have a car with 4 wheel drive!90_mile_beach_northland_ciaofelicia

Tomo Berries Real Fruit Ice Cream–  I don’t know if it was extra good, or if I was just extra in the mood for ice cream.  But when am I not in the mood for ice cream?real_fruit_ice_cream_new_zealand_ciaofelicia-2

There are so many amazing places to see from Auckland to Northland, right?!  New Zealand is the best.

Leave a comment if you have any other stops that need to be added to this list!

For other trips from Auckland, check out Rotorua, Waitomo Caves, Waiheke, and the Tongariro Crossing.

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Hi! I’m Felicia. I am a 23 year old traveler originally from Huntington Beach, CA and currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton in May 2016. After graduation, I didn't have a "dream career" in mind, so I followed my heart and have been finding ways to make money as I travel the world ever since! I plan to travel and learn more about the world than I ever did in school. Traveling is a passion of mine. I love seeing the beauty of our world through architecture, nature, and people. I love connecting with people without being able to speak the same language. I love being in an unfamiliar place alone and stepping outside of my comfort zone. But I don’t know what I want to do yet. I plan to travel the world for as long as possible instead of "adulting." Until I figure it out, will you go on this adventure with me?

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Auckland to Northland, New Zealand Road Trip

  1. New Zealand looks amazing ! It’s on my bucket list for such a long time… I would so love to go !! It offers everything from wildlife and scenery to great weather and really good wine 🙂

  2. Wow those waterfalls are breathtaking. I love waterfalls, these look especially beautiful. I am dying to visit New Zealand.

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