I’ve been to my fair share of ice cream shops.  From Rome and Venice to Los Angeles and New York.  Ice cream is one thing that I don’t take lightly.  If there is a great ice cream place, I’m there.  And I NEED to share my favorite one.  It might just be the best ice cream in the world.

Giapo in Auckland, New Zealand stole my heart from the moment I walked in.  It’s not your typical ice cream experience.  It’s luxurious, fancy, and fit for the princess that I am.  😉

I discovered Giapo while I was on one of my first dates with my now boyfriend.  We both love ice cream, so he was so excited to take me to Giapo while we were taking a walk in downtown Auckland. It is located right in the city center at 12 Gore street.

This is why Giapo is a New Zealand must do:

Your experience begins while you are standing in line and the staff brings you samples while you wait.  Once you get to the register, they are again very generous with the samples.  The last time I brought a friend there (because I always bring any friends visiting Auckland to Giapo), we had a little sample cup in front of us of EVERY flavor they offer.  No pressure, they were so happy to let us try everything.  Is that not the dream?!

Once you have chosen your flavor from their unique options (my favorite is dairy free chocolate chip coconut), you choose if you want it in a cup, cone, really cool chocolate cup or fancy decorated cone.  The options are incredible.  You can also add-on to your ice cream to make it a work of art.  Seriously, they will turn your ice cream cone into a squid, the sky tower, the harbor bridge, a picture frame, or a heart that connects to your babe’s ice cream. best_ice_cream_in_the_world_auckland_giapo_squid_ciaofelicia.JPG

I don’t think I’ve been to Giapo without taking a picture to post on social media.  All of their ice cream is truly a work of art and I often find myself saying “It’s too pretty to eat!”  That feeling quickly goes away because it’s too delicious not to eat.  It’s the best ice cream in the world!

Since I’ve been living in Auckland, New Zealand, I’ve gone to Giapo a ridiculous amount of times.  Should I be embarrassed or proud that the staff knows me from being there so much?  Probably proud. best_ice_cream_in_the_world_auckland_giapo_ciaofelicia.JPG

Giapo is constantly coming out with new creations that keep me coming back.  There are even so many vegan ice cream options that are so creamy, you’ll have to double check that you were served the right thing.  Giapo’s ice cream is truly world class.  If you don’t believe me, you’ll have to add it to your Auckland itinerary and see for yourself. 😉

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Thank you to Giapo for sponsoring this post.  This article is 100% my opinion.  Seriously, I’m obsessed with Giapo’s ice cream.  It’s the best ice cream in the world!