How to Deal with Jet Lag

    Jet lag sucks. Here is the best way that I have found to cure it and start adventuring! Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is very important because dehydration makes the symptoms of jet lag worse. Altitude, caffeine, and alcohol all contribute to dehydration. The humidity on a plane is very low, and

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The 7 Best Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand

A list of the best things to do in Auckland, New Zealand! My favorite one is...

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The Perfect 3 Week South Island Itinerary

The perfect 3 week South Island Itinerary for traveling New Zealand in a van.

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The Best Way to Get Wifi While Traveling – Skyroam Solis

Being able to get wifi while traveling anywhere is a game changer! I am so thankful to have the Skyroam Solis Hotspot to keep me connected everywhere I go!

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Travel Books: 3 Books That Will Make You Want to Travel Forever

My favorite books to read while traveling or dreaming about my next adventure!

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I Can Travel Because I’m Privileged

The real reason I can travel as much as I do: I'm privileged.

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How to Travel as a College Student

Tips and tricks for how to save money and travel in college!

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I Won a Free Cruise with a Stranger

How I won a free cruise & why I went with a stranger!

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Tinggly Experience: Miami Seaquarium Sea Trek

What it is like to go on a Sea Trek at the Miami Seaquarium!

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Top Things To Do in Nashville, Tennessee

Must-Sees in Nashville, Tennessee!

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